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By pharyngula on March 19, 2016

To Louis Charles Morelli from G  on 25 Mar 2016

What’s your native language? I get the distinct impression it’s not English, so knowing what it is may help me figure out some of what you’re trying to say.

From what I can figure out, you’re postulating some kind of cosmic “substance dualism.” At present that does not comport with the findings of modern neuroscience, and some of the specifics sound like “new religion.”

For example: “A spherical layer of mind-stuff around a planet,” and the stuff about “spinning to the left / right” are all indications that what you have there is not a scientifically testable theory, but a religious philosophy based on some kind of subjective experience.

The Gaia hypothesis, as far as ecological science is concerned, is legitimately about the existence of interacting feedback mechanisms among organisms, and between organisms and their environment. Margulis and Lovelock chose the name “Gaia” as a metaphor, not as a way of saying that the Earth was a deity or even a conscious being or anything like that. The latter interpretations are also not-science, though you can have them as religion if you like.

if your ideas are based on anything coming from current science, by all means provide a couple of names of scientists who are involved, and whose publications or at least whose ideas, can be found online (somewhere other than Google, which is blocked on my system for security reasons).

But frankly I’m highly skeptical, because much of what you say sounds like “revealed truth” rather than scientific theory. I’ve had plenty of mystical experiences too, but I treat them with appropriate caution, and treat their content as metaphor and symbolism rather than as literally true. Two of those experiences that I can think of, involved insights that turned out to be consistent with modern science; many others did not; and in building one’s worldview, that distinction is highly useful in sorting the insightful wheat (trigo) from the erroneous chaff (palha).

E meu post que gerou  resposta acima:

From Louis Charles

Please, do not read my four itens below for not calling me names…

1 – It’s not uploading the mind, but recycling the body. This people ate talking uploading when, unconsciously, they are merely being used in a reproductive mechanical process of the biological life’s creator. The creator, about 10 billion years ago, was self-recycling its physical system/body after death, but the system identity was the same. The method for doing that was separating half of its energy while it young ( the energy is in state of growth) – which was a kind of stem cell – while the another half goes with the body attacked by entropy degenerating till dying. After death and fragmentation, the dusty was mixed with that “stem energy” and the whole body was born again (see the MatrixLight/DNA formula for all natural systems and you will understand it).

But, who was the ” creator”? Of course, not this planet alone, life is dependable of sun’s energy. But the solar system does not have pulsars, quasars, black holes, which are necessary parts for a biological copy of that system to work. Who have them is the galaxy. That’s the necessary and enough creator, anything else. And original galaxies were self-recycling.

Biological life is the tentative to reproduce the creator – this galactic system – in a biological fashion, because here we have the liquid state of matter and from it, organic chemistry.

2) The biological tendency to die is a consequence of the first force in this universe that brought dynamics upon a inertial space substance: waves of light, and waves of light are born, they grow, they reaches the maturity and they degenerates, dying, being fragmented into photons. Since that biological systems are the light formula plus inertial matter substance… the phenomena of death was encrypted in it before its origins.

3) But… the fragmented photons has the tendency to group and making the reverse way that its original wave did, going back to rebuild the wave till reaching the source again. It is the dark light or negative energy. So, I should remember here that since the first PZ Myers’ article about this imortality issue, all comments have described all variant hypothesis but they forgot one: Teilhard du Chardin and the super-conscious organism. As in quantum entanglement, each bubble of consciousness inside the head of each human has its counterpart in a spherical layer around the planet, the collective unconscious mind, that is being nurtured as a fetus. And as in quantum split experiment, yours mind exists in two places at sometime, just now, the difference is that in the other place it is still a fetus. Now, the part inside a living human head is spinning to left, its counterpart in the ” nebula” is inactive spinning to right ( because we are using the serial processor of left hemisphere and not the parallel processor of the right). When the human bubble die, the other part is still alive, and will be part of the Gaia’s super-organism. Impossible hypothesis? Maybe, but at MatrixLight/DNA Theory we are testing it.

4) The brain does not produce the mind. Yours brain did not produced yours mind because the mind was existing before the origins of yours brain, in yours parents’ heads. So like yours physical body, yours mind was genetically encrypted before the formation of yours brain.

-“Ahhh…, but, it was the ancestors brains, coming since the monkeys that produced the mind.”

– ” This is not a scientific proved fact, it is yours theory. You need go back to that time for proving it. This problem would be solved if you knew about the Universe composed by dark matter and light. The expansion of light waves causes friction in space substance creating particles and the energy. So, all known bodies are made off dark matter and light, anything else; meat and the photons of sun’s light. The problem is that a light wave have a sequence of different states of frequencies/vibrations performed by the life’s cycle process. In another words, a light wave has the code for life. So, since the atoms to galaxies to human beings, all systems are made off hardware ( substance or matter of space) plus software ( light wave). As we see above, every light wave rebuild itself and goes back to its source, which must be a natural system but, ex-machine and conscious, since that consciousness is manifested here. So, yours hardware part dies… but yours software/conscious part is going to be re-build in the big wave of the super-organism. Ok this is merely other theory, that we are testing it because it makes rational sense facing our knowledge and thousands of evidences”

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