Pessoas indigo para Matrix/DNA Theory: Lama Tsomo, uma bilionária como guru tibetana e filantrópica


Lama Tsomo at home. Photos courtesy of Lama Tsomo Lama Tsomo e Americana, conhecida como Linda Pritzker. Ela e’ uma das herdeiras da fortuna da família ( seu patrimônio alcança 1,8 bilhões de dólares) que possue a cadeia do Hyatt Hotel ( 130 unidades) e varias outras corporações. Today, Lama Tsomo is building a Buddhist retreat center in Montana called the Namchak Retreat Ranch.

(A Matrix/DNA precisa trocar informações ou esclarecer nossas duvidas com ela ou o Lama. Ela faz videos-conferencia, da cursos e tem o rancho. Preciso investigar para ver como perguntar as questões.)


How an American Lama Finds Joy in Turbulent Times

Lama Tsomo: Our situation is like a house of cards; the way we’ve arranged ourselves is terrible for everybody and the Earth. It’s not working for us.

An old paradigm is dying. I think of it like an old landmass that is crumbling into the sea and can no longer support us. We can try to use big steel girders to hold it together and use lots of resources and effort. Or we can look over and see there is a new continent, a new landmass that is naturally emerging, just as the islands of Hawai’i emerged out of the ocean.

That natural emergence is a key thing that I use in looking at investments as well as at philanthropy.

van Gelder: Can you give me some examples of some of the areas where you see that emergence happening?

Lama Tsomo: Ownership is a key one. I was reading about ownership in a recent issue of YES! Magazine and felt that this is absolutely key. So that question is in my thinking as I try to do the right thing in the world. Another is moving from a Wall Street economy to one based on Main Street. Another example is the work of Allan Savory, a proponent of rotation grazing, which is more efficient as well as sustainable because it more closely imitates nature.


O GRANDE VAZIO, DE ONDE TUDO SE MANIFESTA. Similar ‘a membrana entre dimensoes com espuma quantica? E onde esta a luz? Mas se o grande vazio e a Grande Mae, onde esta o Grande Pai, na crenca tibetana? nao seria a luz com o codigo da matrix? Pesquisar o que e ~Yum Chenmo the “Great Mother” in Tibetan ~

Yum Chenmo. Yum Chenmo means “Great Mother” in Tibetan—the great pregnant emptiness out of which all manifestation comes. She’s also known as “Prajnaparamita,” which in Sanskrit means transcendent knowledge.

There are qualities within that emptiness. For example, she’s nude from the waist up so her breasts are showing, and breasts are associated with compassion. Once we get down to the root within ourselves that is common to all, that pure knowing awareness, we can see that if there is suffering over there, I’m not separate from it. There’s a responsiveness that’s inherent to being alive and aware.

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Great soul! I would have a question to Tibetan world view. If the “Great Mother” is the great pregnant emptiness out of which all manifestation comes, what is the Great Father? Yes, this duality is everywhere. At my self-elaborated world view – The Matrix/DNA Theory – the whole universal space is fulfilled with etereal substance ( dark mather, or quantum foam, or aether) which works as the amnion liquid, and the Big Bang was the explosion of the membrane of a kind of spermatozoon, liberating light. A light wave has an anatomy which is identical to a DNA’s unit of information. So, the mother is not the amnion liquid and the father is not the light wave, they are something else, beyond these things, that emitted these things. Anyone with a suggestion?


van Gelder: You are moving into a new phase in which teaching is going to be a major focus of your life. What form will that take?

Lama Tsomo: Through the practices I learned from studying with Rinpoche, I’ve found a way to be open to the suffering and to support solutions — whether with my time, my thinking, my money, or my encouragement to others who are doing things.


Como na Matrix/DNA, ela suspeita que o coletivo humano esta na fase mental imitando o individuo humano quando esta na fase mental da infancia. E ela acrescenta alguns detalhes…

van Gelder: I’m wondering where you think we are in this moment in history. You’ve not only studied Tibetan Buddhism but also Jungian psychology. What have you learned in your studies about where we are and the challenges we face?

Lama Tsomo: From the Jungian point of view, I believe humanity is, in a sense, re-enacting the developmental stages of childhood. (….) We’ve come to the end of ego inflation; we’re starting to see that we don’t know everything. Many of us are realizing that we need to go back to the wisdom of the elders. By bringing the wisdom of indigenous cultures together with technology, we have a chance to create a more balanced, adult life.

Isto e muito promissor para o ensino naturalista da Matrix/DNA


van Gelder: Could you say more about what it would mean if more people began the sort of waking up that you’re talking about?

Lama Tsomo: It would mean waking up to the fact that we’re not separate—that I can’t benefit at your expense.

Se ela conhecer a versão de que somos 8 bilhões de genes, ela entenderia melhor como acontece isto de “todos são um”. De alguma maneira preciso participar de suas aulas por vídeo ou artigos como esse e comunicar isso.

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The meaning of our existence is the same meaning of genes’. We are big, more complex, self projected genes. So we are 8 billion half-conscious genes that has our heads as eggs, fullfilled with a brain like placenta. nurturing a chareteristic of the fetus that is being nurtured by another living beings at another planets, of a supreme conciousness. So, each person is a bit of information, a kind of message, which is personal, unique, necessary to the perfect baby. While this social systems are slaving people, they are paralysing their evolution and mission. But, these people needs to know what a gene is, for they to know what they must do with free time. The world view of Matrix/DNA Theory maybe can be the right thing now



  • She has also completed a two-DVD set, which is a dialog with Christian mystic theologian Matthew Fox.