Como responder num debate entre diferentes visoes do mundo:


Este texto foi escrito por um cristão em resposta a um ateu: 

” I think where we have a disconnect is between proof and evidence. You’re willing to accept evidence when it seems to support an idea you want to be true..however that isn’t proof that it’s true.

I do the same thing. Both of us feel our evidence provides the proof.

However, when doubt can be asserted no matter the amount of evidence, it makes our back and forth a pointless exercise.

On these types of existential matters, people will believe what they want to believe.

We can’t both be right!

I can’t predict the future but I hope there’s a day where right and wrong is made clear. I’m looking forward to that day.

If I will lose, the prejudice will not be big than the big momment of knowing the real final thru. The thru and not my current opinion or belief is what matters to me.