Salario minimo: O valor correto ao trabalho real não funciona com o capitalismo?


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South Africans feel the party can no longer coast on its legacy of fighting the brutal system of apartheid. Unemployment in the country of 56 million people soars past 25%. Half of South Africans are in households with per capita income of 1,149 rand ($90) or less a month, they wrote, with little chance to change their fortunes despite working hard as maids or security guards.

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 Comentario em 5/7/19
Here’s a real world example of government trying to fix income inequality. American Samoa is a US Territory. In 2009, the Democrats pushed through an incremental hike in their minimum wage. They are American citizens, why shouldn’t hey receive just as much for their labor as every other American? Within three years, the Territorial Governor was on the floor of Congress, begging them to undo the damage. After the first incremental hikes in minimum wage, unemployment jumped from 4% to 25%. One of two tuna canning factories (their major industry) left and set up shop in SE Asia. With fewer ships traveling there to support the tuna industry, the cost of commercial products rose 25%. You never hear this concrete example of failure discussed, when raising the minimum wage is proposed as the harmless way to solve income inequality. Another example closer to home…Detroit…and Chicongo, Baltimore, St. Louis.
5 hours ago
Then how would you fix the inequality? I think we should go back to the 50s. When unions were strong and the american dream was real.
Interessante comentario. Desigualdade é resultado da diferença de culturas ( ou seja, visao do mundo)
12 hours ago
You can not legislate economic equality. This is not a random distribution, but rather more like a long-term game. As with most games there are people who are better than others depending on what skills are needed. When attempting to identify large demographics, culture is often the base factor. Since legislating culture is not acceptable, you simply can’t legislate economic equality.