O que era a serpente em Genesis? Veja a surpreendente explicacao da Matrix/DNA neste debate


One of the more interesting details of the Genesis story is the Serpent.

Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord

God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must

not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

Was the Serpent a snake? What was it?

Louis_Morelli – commented at 5/28/19

You never could mind what is/was the real biblical serpent! It is the shape adquired by a natural system when it chooses to be a closed system, the extreme expression of selfishness. A new world view called “The Universal Formula Matrix/DNA of All Natural Systems” discovered that such system is based on a energy/flow of information that seems like a serpent swelling its own tail. It happens that billion years ago, before biological systems origins at Earth, the seven kinds of astronomic bodies aligned themselves as a closed system. It is the ancestors of biological systems, so… us. This system was performing a simplistic mechanist shape of sexual reproduction and it was hermaphrodite (they have the calculated astronomical model at their website). There was chromosome X (later called EVE in Bible account) and Y (Adam?). Eve was the queen, at the nucleus, as a quasar, above Adam ( a pulsar) and she choose to be a closed system. Their body was a perfect paradise, but, closed doors to its own evolution. Then came entropy, the fall, the body was spreading in space as photons bits-information, and those that falls at Earth tries to rebuild the old system, but with mutation gets biological fashion. So, here we are today. This event and our ancestors are registered into our DNA ( the junk DNA) and altered state of mind can see flashes of this ancestor and event in the paradise, then, you have the mythology inserted at the bible. The fact is that this whole theory is scientific falsifiable, so, they are testing it.

But … Patrick, any of our thoughts are talking snakes. External stimulus arrives at hippocampus where they are processed becoming a ball of electrochemical molecules witch is expelled clockwise into the left hemisphere, then it goes upon leaving synapses all the way towards the cortex, from which it falls towards the hippocampus again. If it was an important thought, it is registered at memory, if not, as the Orobolos serpent, it swells itself disappearing. The brain associates the images of moving synaptic thoughts as the images of moving snakes and since thoughts operates with language, the brain understand they are talking snakes. So, the snake was not outside Eve, it was inside her, and the voice was the Eve whishes, wanting to be a selfish closed system, which is a big sin in relation to natural laws. You need know that the past events with our ancestors ( atoms systems, galactic systems, bacterial systems, monkey systems, etc.) are registered as memory at our DNA and so, at our neurons. Alternate mental states can see flashes of these things, but, the missing knowledge about DNA, brains, astronomical systems, transforms the flashes into magical mythos. From here came the inspiration for mythologies like the bibble account.



Why do you need something like papers, books, as intermediary between your mind and Nature, like creationists need a book as intermediary between their mind and the real world? I am not scientist neither religious, only a man living at Amazon Jungle studying real Nature with my own rational methods. Although I know lots of scientific papers and a little bit of all scientific fields, as I know all sacred books of all religions and mythology, I keep the wild Nature as my master, like the tools that Nature offers to see things like brain-watching-brain from inside-out.

Then I have seen that both – humans science and religions – are missing lots of things, so I built a third world view, very different than anything you have seen. Since I am very skeptical due being only naturally rational, I know that my world view is a working in progress, which are being tested against real facts, included all scientific papers that I can read. So, these insights are not mine, it is pure Nature suggesting them, and you are free to choose between humans creations, like human science, religion and my pagan wild creation. Instead scientific papers I have a website, if you like to know something different:

If you have some curiosity and want to know something about the content, I will ne here for answering. But… man… all man are like you, so, do not look for humans interpreters of Nature telling to you how Nature works. Cheers…

The story of a talking snake is an etymological tale… explaining why:

  1. humans hate snakes
  2. why snakes dont have legs
  3. why men must work
  4. why women suffer pain of child birth

Its not real.

But… who is talking this etymological tale? Humans. More exactly, humans brains. It happens that brains are composed by neurons which has as central pivot the DNA, which has two strands that moves like serpents. So, who in fact are telling these tales? Two serpents behind the voice. If you do not study the issue from here you will not understand the stories and mythologies referring to serpents.

The key factor is that DNA is the biological shape of a universal system that is coming evolving since the Big Bang. This system is based on a formula ( you can see it at my website), which is the template of the fundamental unit of information in DNA. But… this universal formula has the free will to be a opened or a closed system, and from here derivates all things that are “good”, or “bad”. Universal Nature has laws, like entropy, that does not approve closed systems, because they are selfish and closed doors to evolution. When the two strands choose to be a closed system, the two streams are connected, becoming a closed sphere. Our ancestors and ultimately creators – the astronomical systems – choose to be closed system. Then, the Fall, the biological systems in need of food, etc., under pain, etc. All this past times are registered at the center of our neurons, our memory, and sometimes people see flashes of it, from where cames these tales… Ok, like me, you must not believe in this theory, I am testing it yet, but, I have lots of facts, evidences and calculations suggesting this theory has something real in it. At least, it is scientifically falsifiable.



Interessante post a meu favor:

One of the things modern audiences also don’t realize is how important snake symbolism was to ancient cultures … with the prominent exception of Zoroastrianism. In that “new style” religion of Persia, it was considered a good deed to kill snakes!.. In Egypt, even as domesticated cats became common place, the ancient reverence for snakes is maintained – – as we can see by the presence of the Cobra on the Pharaoh’s headwear!

E na mitologia grega:

Asclepius hold his rod/staff with a serpent coiled around it.

Asclepius hold his rod/staff with a serpent coiled around it.



Boa leitura:

Serpent (symbolism) – Wikipedia



Neste artigo tem vasta informacao de como a serpente fazia parte fundamental da mitologia dos nativos americanos mesmo antes de Cristo.

Serpent of the North: The Overlook Mountain/Draco Correlation

( pedaco do artigo:



According to Edward Lenik, “Serpentine images carved into non-portable rock surfaces and on portable artifacts were invested with ideological and cultural significance by American Indian people in the Northeast. in his book Picture Rock- American Indian Rock Art in the Northeast Woodlands, Lenik further states “Snakes or serpents are ancient symbols and appear in rock art sites across North America. They are considered to be creatures of great power and craftiness. Among Algonquian speaking peoples, they may have represented evil and darkness or the energy of life or regeneration, or served as vehicles of transition for the soul of the deceased to the spirit world.” Could the Overlook Mountain Petroform function as a guardian of the pathway souls follow to the heavens? Lenik also associates the Algonquin mythical Thunderbird as a guardian of humans against the Great Serpent of the underworld. If the Thunderbird is seen as the symbol of the protection of life, could the Serpent represent protection of the pathway of the dead?

Accounts of Native American stone constructions associated with definite astronomical attributes are not unique. Research in Manitou – The Sacred Landscape of New England’s Native Civilization, by James Mavor and Byron Dix, went a long way toward proving the Native culture of the northeast America built

“The Serpent in the Stars” – ainda no link acima vasto material como diversas culturas primitivas ligavam duas serpentes a uma estrela central, numa alusao ao buraco negro luminoso do cortex onde terminam as duas kundalines.


E para convencer religiosos da concordância entre textos bíblicos com a serpente como símbolo da Matrix/DNA, ver esre rexto no mesmo link acima:

Diz o texto que no inicio a serpente era boa. Sim, era o genoma de Deus. Depois ela se tornou ma, amaldiçoada por Deus. Sim, porque no genoma de Deus estava uma brecha, um saida para o livre arbítrio interromper o processo da reproducao, que consistia na escolha de ser sistema fechado, que foi o que fez o ancestral astronomico. 

(On the Creation of the World, 6.2; quoted in Genesis, Creation, and Early Man, by Fr. Seraphim Rose, 253-4):

‘Do not regard the present serpent; do not regard how we flee it and feel repulsion towards it. It was not such in the beginning. The serpent was the friend of man and the closest of those who served him. And who made it an enemy? The sentence of God: “Cursed are you above all the cattle, and above all the wild animals… I will put enmity between you and the woman” [Gen. 3:14-15]. It was this enmity that destroyed the friendship. I mean not a rational friendship, but one of which an irrational creature is capable. Similar to the way that now the dog manifests friendship, not by word but by natural movements, just so did the serpent serve man. As a creature who enjoyed great closeness to man, the serpent seemed to the devil to be a convenient tool for deception… Thus the devil spoke through the serpent, deceiving Adam.’

I think this adds some interesting nuance to the discussion. I’d be interested to see how you might interpret this in light of your fascinating argument above. Thank you for the contribution!


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