Evolucao: Existe ou não existe? Sim… e não…


Questao postada no Peaceful Science e minha resposta:


Generally speaking, the goal for me is not to argue against evolution, but to explore the possibility of it; even if evolution is possible or indeed true, scientists simply expect it to be true, and do not teach it in a way that satisfies my need for a simple, understandable and gapless understanding of the subject. This enrages me. If there is a gap in the theory, theach the gap, dammit. If there is no gap, do not put a gap there by not explaining som concepts simply because you think that they are too difficult for the general public. So that’s my thinking.

Louis_Morelli – Junho,06/19

Jet, are you really motivated by the sake of pure knowledge or are you interested in the debate evolution x creationism and already have a preference?
If you are interested in the debate I am out. If in the curiosity about evolution or not evolution, I could continuing here.
There are other theories about the real natural phenomena of evolution, besides Darwinism. For instance, Matrix/DNA Theory. As something totally new that nobody else knows, ir is very complex, so, we need begin by picturing the world view that suggested this interpretation about evolution.

First of all, there is evolution for an observer standing inside the Universe and there is no evolution for an observer standing outside the Universe. In this Universe is occurring a universal process of reproduction, of the unknown thing that produced the Universe. All reproductive processes are composed by smalls steps, which are evolutionary steps. You see it at embryogenesis. So we really are watching a process of evolution, but when we arrive to the beginning – the Big Bang – or at the end, we discover that we were watching merely a process of reproduction.
How Matrix/DNA discovered it if we are inside? That’s a long history…