A “absurdilidade” do Nothing do Lawrence Krauss e a resposta da Matrix/DNA



“Lawrence Krauss – Life, the Universe, and Nothing: A Cosmic Mystery Story “

Meu comentario postado no Youtube sob Pablo Fonseca – 06/20/19

Why the “universe” of Krauss is certainly wrong although his galaxies, atoms and stars could be right? Because Physics deals only with the universe’s skeleton, but everybody knows there are much more here. A physicist is like a hard microbe that feeds on minerals inside the bones of a human body. He can study and discovering everything about the bone skeleton, but will have no idea that it is merelly the hard structure supporting a human being. Of course, such microbe will have the origins of the skeleton as the amniotic substance inside the ovulum. This is the “NOTHING” of Krauss. Louis Morelli discovered it when applying the method of comparative anatomy among all natural systems – from atoms to astronomic to biological systems – and the results began showing that biological properties alread exists 13 billion years as a cover of atoms and galaxies. For a more accurate world view telling you what you are, why you are here, etc. wait that a theory of everything, about the universe and its origins, be elaborated by all experts in all scientific fields, such biologists, neurologist, etc. Because tthe whole and right Universe is not only its hard basement structure, it is also meat, counciouness and so on.

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