Importante Palestra p/ Matrix/DNA: Como Termodinâmica Influencia o Resto da Física

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Hora: quinta-feira, 27 de Outubro · 20:00 – 21:30

Local: Lindemann Lecture Theatre, Clarendon Laboratory, Physics Department

Oxford, Oxfordshire

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Oxford University Physics Society

“I would like to discuss implications of the two laws of
thermodynamics for the rest of physics. I will argue that much of
physics, in fact, follows from thermodynamics with a few extra assumptions.
I will illustrate this with various proposals for perpetual motion, whose
failure will reveal other laws of physics in areas such as
electro-magnetism, gravity and quantum physics. Ultimately, quantum
physics comes as close as possible to breaking thermodynamics, but without
actually doing it. I will explain what quantum Maxwell’s demon is all about and
then, if time permits, speculate on whether thermodynamics can
even teach us something about post-quantum physics.”

Oxford Professor for Quantum Information Theory Vlatko Vedral will be giving a talk on Thusrday of 3rd week, hosted by Oxford Physsoc. Free drinks and food will be served afterwards for everyone attending. Hope to see you all there!