Interessante Nova Visão em Profundidade do Conjunto dos Átomos Que Constituem a Matéria

O artigo abaixo merece ser analizado linha por linha. O que faremos no próximo artigo sob o titulo “Bit por Bit: A Base Darwiniana da Vida”. Porem nêste capitulo vamos registrar e analizar um comentário postado no artigo por “bfmorris” que é de uma intuição sensacional:

Universe Today:

Alien Life May Not Be So Alien – If It Exists At All

by JASON MAJOR on MAY 9, 2012

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    “This deterministic looking as opposed to stochastic looking phase space should give supporters reason to pause!””

    How would this square with our stochastic universe?

    Life appears similar to the invisible dark matter I read about. We can’t see it, we can only observe its effects. It appears life is invisible; some kind of invisible management system or program, for lack of better word. We can only observe its effects. In this case, what appears to be invisible employment of organised chemistry that among other things, temporarily outwits the second law of thermodynamics.



Very intuitive. I’d like more discussion on this thought.

  • bfmorris

  • What I mean is, and I’m not arguing with you, it appears thus far that the most we can observe is life’s effects; ie on the matter it employs. The atoms in you or me are the same atoms found elsewhere. There is nothing special about them, and we would not be able to differentiate the atoms in us from those in a rock or a rain drop. However, no matter how many times we throw atoms in the proverbial air, we can’t recreate what we observe. The effects on those atoms, by life, are all we have at present for the observation of life. Thus my dark matter analogy, partly in levity, because we can’t see life we only see atoms and molecules behaving strangely together. Perhaps life is a form of unknown emergent energy; which reminds me that we don’t know exactly what energy is, either; we can only observe its effects.

    The entropy stage of life appears to be, death, which appears to be observable. The atoms and molecules in the dead organism immediately start acting like themselves again. The organism decays, atoms and molecules blow away, evaporate, get eaten and look special again because they are employed in another organism, or whatever.Like

  • There are plenty of deterministic processes out there. Planetary orbits, star evolution main series, et cetera are short period deterministic. Or you can narrow it down to impact shocks (real short period) and so on.

    I can’t follow your argument in the middle part. The biosphere is plenty observable.

    The thermodynamics is besides the point of the existing and observed examples of chemical and biological evolution. Obviously there is no TD problem and nobody has ever claimed such a thing.

    Please specify what you had in mind. Since the 2LOT concerns entropy what is the entropy of life and how do we observe it?

  • xxx

    Resposta da Matrix/DNA

    Very intuitive, Mr. “bfmorris”. As wjwbudro, I’d like more discussion on this thought.

    Why atoms behaves different in living organisms? I think the answer is in the hierarchy of natural systems. Must be an invisible natural system inserted inside these atoms and acting from above over them, changing its normal behavior when free.  The most clear example is the system of religion acting from and over a biological system called human being: the normal fighting for survival can became a suicide bomber. Or sun’s flares over Earth magnetic field. Then we have Matrix/DNA Theory models suggesting how a galactic system is half-mechanical/half-biological and how its building blocks are like nucleotides, and, how the laws and behaviors of this galactic systems penetrates earths’ atoms driving them to re-organize as a copy of that astronomic system. What you say “some kind of invisible management system or program” maybe is just the matrix formula showed in my website.

    But that is not the whole history. The formula is suggesting that any atom has the blueprint and non-expressed functions for all seven properties of life. The radiation from its nucleus produces seven different frequencies of vibrations, like the light waves. This is the magnetic field of any atom. When an electron is positioned over a specific electrosphere, the field expresses a function, like, let’s say, from your body we could see only one organ and its systemic function. if this is the right configuration of atoms systems, then became ease the bits from galactic entropy driving those atoms to re-organize in a biological fashion.

    About entropy, I think that the official theory is non-complete because they have no known complete natural system for observing. We can see the effects of entropy over natural systems, living or not living, in my model of a complete natural system. Cheers…

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