Sexo: Diferenças Herdadas da Natureza Hermafrodita na Divisão dos Sexos

Diferenças Naturais Entre os Dois Sexos

Diferenças Naturais Entre os Dois Sexos

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Men’s Logic

Post by Louis Charles Morelli:

This is a good explanation how works nature through the division by sexy. Female nature is the tendency to became closed system, then, its obsession for getting all things in order inside a closed nucleus, home, etc. Male nature is the tendency to became opened system, then, its obsession to leave the nucleus and to travel into the unknown. Spreading its seeds through sexy is part of male nature as opened system, so, it is comprehensible that he, sub-consciously, does not hear what is not good for hum and think hearing what is his goal. If you does not know the nature under our psychology, which we inherited from matter processes existing before life’s origins,as explained only in Matrix/DNA Theory and models, you will have problems with the opposite sex forever.

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