Eleição Americana: Participação da Matrix/DNA



My suggestion:

Since the target of these billboards is the president election, I suggest the following billboard with three figures:

1) A figure of John Quincy Adams putting his hands upon the Book of America’s Constitution ( or Constitutional Rights?); Below the figure, the words: “In “He” we and the atheists thrust”
2) A figure of pastor/priest putting his hands over the Bible – A Foreign Book not American; below, the words: “ He (This) is wrong”
3) And at the right side a fat politician putting his hands over a Book “Corporations – Power and Money”; bellow, the words: “He (This) is wrong”

A second billboard could be a well dressed politician saying to a dirt worker: “You shall eat bread by the sweat of thy face”. And above him the words about what he is actually thinking: “this is for you, not for me” And the title: “How politicians uses religions”

What do you think about?