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I think that among all species there is a big gap in relation to the idea of transformations from one into other. Seeing that chimpanzee and humans side by side, and although making the mental calculations of an evolution in million years, I ask: “Why this happy monkey should made the sacrifice of his freedom on the jungle for to be the slaved human urban zombie working 50 hours a week today?” Why a free reptile that throws eggs out should making the sacrifice of supporting pregnancy? Answers?

Louis Charles Morelli8:50 PM – Mon – 15

1) We, human beings, arise inside this galaxy. There are virus that arises inside our body. Why not the same process? 2)Billions of galaxies are merely diversification of an initial galaxy, like billions of different cells of a blastula are diversification of an initial zygote cell. There are thousands of different biological species: why not as merely diversification of an unique initial ancestor? Why not the same process? 3)Our bodies were produced by designs in parents; why not universes?

Louis Charles Morelli –  9:43 PM – Mon – 15


Although I watched this as an atheist/anti-theist and enjoyed it… I think there were many missed opportunities during the trip to better explain how science works.

Also I think that regardless of what the host said… it WAS a very biased “trip”. Attempting to move someone from their position to yours is an agenda in and of itself.

I like this idea but in my mind it could’ve been better implemented and more carefully thought through.

Jay Jay Abels 44 minutes ago

The best video should be monitored by an agnostic and the participants should be atheists, creationists, occultists, natives American and agnostics. Facing the skulls over the table, each one explains his/her theory about its origins, and after that, over the table are trowed the real evidences everybody knows about natural processes: nature transforms things from one into another, never nobody watched miracles, etc. The goal is: are there some invisible forces producing these transformations?

Louis Charles Morelli in reply to Jay Jay Abels – 8:34 PM – MOn – 15

Nope. I think ( my humble opinion that arose from my private experiences with natives Americans) that the modern scientific reductionist method is driven by unconscious bias. This method is selecting only those data that this limited human senses and its technological extensions can see and discriminating those data that it can’t grasp. It is product of “biocentrism” – projecting the biological over the whole, it is product of chaos not order and ignores the effects of natural systems.

Louis Charles Morelli in reply to narco73 (Show the comment) 1 second ago


“What do you think came first, male or female?”

Male/female is the biological counterpart evolved from the universal dichotomy that came before life’s origins, even before matter’s origins, in shape of quantum vortexes spin right/left. If you want to see were female/male come from see first the hermaphroditic micro-organisms. Then go to see this picture ( Google – Images – and paste ” origem-astronomica-dos-cromoss­omas-sexuais-289×300.jpg) .It is the first image.

Louis Charles Morelli in reply to JesuitBakery (Show the comment) 12 minutes ago


I agree, not all scientists are in this conspiracy. Right now there are students who have degrees in science looking for work in their fields but can’t find it. I believe some are honest in their pursuit of doing science. Not all. Some are taught evolutionary science and are told it’s true, whatever is presented before them is accurate and correct and they just accept it without questioning. With this in mind they look for more information to support it. It becomes their bread and butter. more

MosheMYY in reply to JohnnyRelentless (Show the comment) 3 minutes ago

You are right, there are bias driven the scientific method. When observing any object, this method selects some data it can see and discriminates data it can’t see. If there are forces from invisible systems acting over the object, they are ignored. But is is not conscious, it is due the limited human senses and the tools are extension off these senses. We can’t know the Truth of any real object, that’s why we elaborate theories. Bring on facts over the table, let’s go debate our theories?

Louis Charles Morelli in reply to MosheMYY (Show the comment) 1 second ago


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