Ótimo Vídeo Informativo S/ Atual Conhecimento da Origem da Vida e Debate com Matrix/DNA

The Origin of Life – Abiogenesis – Dr. Jack Szostak


Um dos melhores vídeos informativos sôbre o atual conhecimento a respeito das origens da Vida. E no vídeo, a Matrix/DNA participa do debate nos comentários:

EVERY SCIENTIST, in every field, knows life has not been created with the actual gases present. Guys, the odds of amino acids lining up are effectively zero…why do you think they have moved to Multiverse to explain everything? They cant even explain the atoms cohesion without multiverse–forget life itself.

Its over people. Our universe shouldnt exist. The majority of humans have been right all along. We “see” design”. The Math now shows design. We were Created. Only fools remain in denial

Rizzy55 3 days ago

Rizzy55: Maybe you will have big surprises soon, if NASA confirms the cosmological model of Matrix/DNA Theory. This models shows an astronomical system in shape of horizontal nucleotides pair, performing the same functions of atoms. Then, life had a previous design, abiogenesis was merely a new cosmological embryogenesis taking the astronomical time and nature doing nanotechnology, as when she put a entire adult body inside a microscope chromosome. See the pictures at the Universal MatrixDNA

TheMatrixDNA 5:31 PM – Dec – 04 – 2012

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