Luz: Mostrar Quadro da Luz para esta Cientista que Pesquisa Sinais de Luz vindos do Cosmos

Are Extraterrestrials Sending Us Signals By Manipulating Starlight?
Alien Messages Could Be Found In The Stars – Astrophysicist Says – Some alien civilizations can be so advanced that they can manipulate lights from the stars. By doing so, these beings can send signals across the Universe.

This means that there could alien messages concealed in the stars. We could find them if we only knew how and where to look.

This is what Lucianne Walkowicz, a postdoctoral fellow in astrophysics based at Princeton University is suggesting.

Instead of listening to radio transmissions, we should check for unusual patterns of variability. This can be done with help of various software algorithms, Walkowicz points out.

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