Pesquisa do Momento: Os Textos do Curriculum Escolar e da Midia Sobre a Teoria da Evolucao

Correcting some common misrepresentations of evolution in textbooks and the media

Kevin Padian – Department of Integrative Biology and Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley 94720-4780, USA

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Analise pela Matrix/DNA:

–  Writers are in a difficult position because, if new research seems to contradict traditional information, it is hard for them to tell whether this new finding is really legitimate or will be overturned in a matter of months… But textbook writers are also reluctant to change their presentations, even when they are long outdated, because they worry about being ‘too different’ from other textbook programs and confusing some teachers who expect certain content and cannot always keep up with new developments in the field.

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Distinguish evolution as fact, pattern, and process.  The word ‘evolution’ has several meanings. So do lots of useful words. Let us take ‘business’. What’s my business? I’m an architect. Where’s my business? On Fourth Street. How much do I make? None of your business. Three different senses of the same word. And so it is with evolution. Evolution is a fact: science understands that life has evolved through time, and there is no reasonable doubt about this anywhere in the scientific community. It is a theory: it comprises a great many patterns, processes, observations, and hypotheses – all testable. Evolution has patterns, such as the patterns of diversity through time. It has processes, such as natural selection, sexual selection, species selection, drift, and more. Evolution is a big subject with a lot of dimensions. As long as you are clear about which dimension of evolution you mean, there’s no conflict for readers.


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Before Darwin (1859), similarities and differences in morphology, the ‘queen of the sciences’ in the early Enlightenment years, were explained in pre-evolutionary terms.

Matrix/DNA: Observar similaridades e diferencas em morfologia ( o que ev?) ev o mesmo que ” anatomia comparada”, o metodo usado no inicio das observacoes que resultaram na Matrix/DNA Theory. Se o laboratorio primitivo, selvagem, brutalmente natural da selva amazonica ev um colapsar involucionario do moderno laboratorio urbano e cientifico, o metodo da anatomia comparada foi tambem um colapsar dos metodos cientifcos modernos. Os dois colapsares se casam em ritmo e sintonia.



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