Novas Descobertas sobre sociedade de formigas, mais evidencias para Matrix/DNA e Debate na Wired

What Do Ants Know That We Don’t?

  • 07.06.13
  • 8:30 AM


TheMatrixDNA • 9 hours ago

Ants are driven automatically by forces coming from LUCA, the Last Universal Common Ancestor. Everything that ants do, the body of LUCA do it since 10 billions years ago. See the picture of LUCA and see the social organization of ants, bees: every mechanism, process, group functions, etc. are the same at the two pictures. Ants are guided by the sum of the forces of their atoms and the environment, both created and ruled by this process of biological reproduction of LUCA at Earth surface. The worst thing is that we see the same social configuration at the utopia Brave New World, ruled by a Big Mother, as happens at LUCA’s body. We are going to be such ants` zombies because LUCA is the most perfect machine, described by Newtonian mechanics. Ants does not know anything else than we know, they are guided like us by an agent that was our ancestor, he surround us, but humanity still did not learn to see it. ( the LUCA~s picture is at my website, only, sorry.)

YOYO • 15 hours ago

Ants are retarded.

I once watched several ants charge about all day on a table a not once did they stumble over the sugar. Their random search pattern was deeply lacking.

TheMatrixDNA  DaYOYO • 10 hours ago

The explanation is that sugar over table is not supposed to exists by the natural forces guiding the bodies of ants. They are guided to find food at the places that it naturally occurs. Remember that ants’ genetics and the natural environment are created by a unique creator – Nature – which created the lines of connections between them. So, ants are retarded, they are merely automaton guided by natural blind forces that composes extraordinary engineered systems.

DaYOYO  to   TheMatrixDNA • 18 hours ago

What would you recommend?

TheMatrixDNA  DaYOYO

DaYoYo: Do you get light without wires between the wall-plug-in and the lamp? A table is an artificial environment, not natural, so, Nature can not applies its forces as usually she (it) does. Same thing will happening with AI (Artificial Intelligence at computers made off non biological substances). I think that the expression “random patterns” is nonsense. If there are patterns, there is no randomness, at least, this is a premise that I obeyed when observing natural dynamics of biological elements. Patterns means  ” under control of some evolutionary lineage”, then, we must looking for the source of control. I recommend the observation of ants at their natural habitat where the invisible cables for connections among atoms, molecules, cells and the surrounding environment are naturally created. But, then, a new world full of unsuspected phenomena will appears for you. As example, think bout this question: Where and how is the connection-link between yours shape as a kid and yours shape as an adult? Which kind of informations has flowing inside this link? Of course, must have a link, it is not really existent but it is known: the process of life’s cycles. It happens that these kind of natural links are about dimension time, which is not visible and not manifested at space dimension. Then, the control driving ants from one step to the next is the system identity that is encrypted inside their DNA and inside the whole biosphere. But you only will easy understand this complex issue seeing the natural Matrix formula. Before that, be advised that this whole thing is merely a theory yet, under testing.

stedge • a day ago 

They would do really well in some professions, I’m thinking cops, stockbrokers, product managers…

TheMatrixDNA  stedge • 20 hours ago

Human professions are systemic functions of a social system that mimics the functionality of natural systems, like atoms, cells, galaxies. Ants do well some professions, inventing them before humans existence, because our ancestor galactic system is composed by parts doing those functions. See the picture of a building block of original galaxies, and see how each non-living element already does those functions. Ants and bees were a successful phenomena of this long process of genetic reproduction of our non-biological ancestors, like galaxies.

Krutawn • 10 hours ago

Someone has spent too much time watching ants.


Krutawn:  “Someone has spent too much time watching ants.”

Krutawn, at ants and bees societies lays the most profound secret of Nature, which can be the solution for to save human mind from falling as slave into the horrible destiny that the dark side of Nature is leading us. You are not seeing how ants and bees societies works as perfect machines, like biological living motors. These social systems are reproduction of the system that created biological systems, aka life, here. This creator system is described by Newtonian mechanics because that’s it, a machine. The whole biosphere is going to be the reproduction of this machine, human beings will be merely a central, nuclear, piece of this machine. Somebody already grasped it, like Huxley in The Brave New World, and Orwell with his Big Brother. Look to the kids how they love video games and this kind of mechanical technology. Look at computers. It was not this planet alone that created us because there is no life without sun’s energy, so, it was the solar system and every creature is reproduction of its creator, does not matter if the environment or the substances are different and causes great mutations. Nature has applied a unique formula for organizing inertial mass/matter into systems, but this formula has two faces, two sides. One is about perfect closed system, which is a closed door to evolution, because it becomes an eternal machine, and this side was chosen by astronomical systems, by plants’ cell system, it driven ants and bees into systems, it is the dark side; the other side is towards opened systems, a open door to evolution, chosen by animal cells, it is a rebellion against our natural creator. But we have the dark side encrypted at our DNA, expressed as selfish genes, pulling us towards to build the closed social system. I think that it is not evitable that our body is going to the Brave New World, but if we know who is the Matrix – ant ants societies are good source for this knowledge – we can elude it, keeping our mind free, and our mind free will leads us to outside the body of this creator, by getting the knowledge for spatial travel. I think that Deborah’s job, like of thousands of scientists observing Nature and reavealing its secrets is the most heroic job for human kind. Ants and bees failed eternally under the control of this creator, because they have no intellect, so, it is easy for the forces flowing inside their atoms driven the whole body into the mechanic connections. But we have mind, we can be great than the forces inside us and modelling this biosphere escaping out of this horrible destiny, if more scientists do these jobs.


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Ever notice how ant colonies so successfully explore and exploit resources in the world … to find food at 4th of July picnics, for example? You may find it annoying. But as an ecologist who studies ants and collective behavior, I think it’s intriguing — especially the fact that it’s all done without any central control.
Minha resposta postada no artigo:
TheMatrixDNA • 17 minutes ago
Deborah, you could making your life easiest if you spent a few minutes listen to me. I did what you can’t do: living about seven years isolated at Amazon jungle studying the whole picture, this biosphere and the surrounding astronomic system. As an ecologist studying collective behavior of biological systems like ants we need trying to understand the ancestor system that created biological life, and it was this whole galaxy, the Milk Way. Natural systems are made of by a natural universal formula (see the formula at my website, called “The Matrix/DNA”)  and collective behavior is result of actions from this formula organizing elements into a new shape of system. This formula is seen at the fundamental unit of information in DNA, a horizontal base-pair of nucleotides, and it is seen as the building blocks of galaxies, but we go further seeing it building the atoms systems, and furthest, we see it as any natural light wave. We see the forces, the mechanisms and process that ants applies as brute natural forces flowing inside the formula. You belief that “ants do it without any central control”, because you are not seeing the source of this control, it is inside the ants genetics and it is modelling the biosphere surrounding the ants. Ants has no brain or intelligence for inventing something new, neither complex mechanisms for social organization, they are automatons driven by the forces inside their bodies which becomes their instincts. If this theoretical formula is wrong ( I am testing it just now), at least you will discover news about natural systems never seen before, you will not losing your time and I am sure, you will boost yours understanding about collective behavior, helping my own research as feed-back.
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WIRED/Deborah: What’s especially remarkable: the close parallels between ant colonies’ networks and human-engineered ones. One example is “Anternet”, where we, a group of researchers at Stanford, found that the algorithm desert ants use to regulate foraging is like the Traffic Control Protocol (TCP) [updated with correct spelling] used to regulate data traffic on the internet. Both ant and human networks use positive feedback: either from acknowledgements that trigger the transmission of the next data packet, or from food-laden returning foragers that trigger the exit of another outgoing forager. 
Deborah: Both ant and human networks use positive feedback
But… yours own body uses the same positive feedback, same algorithm, as do it the organelles inside cells systems, particles inside atoms – and astronomical bodies inside galaxies… This network, be it applied by ants or by human-engineered ones is used by Nature since the Big Bang and the force behind it is called ” the process of life’s cycles”. When a human body is a kid at 07’s,  his/her DNA has informations that triggers the transmission of the next data packet, which is the same body as a teenager shape, at 14’s.  But… the teenage shape is brought by returning adults shapes of a precursor cycle, the parents life cycle. It is clear when you see the natural formula for systems. I have a question for you: how dispersed molecules/organelles, like mitochondria, ribosomes, lysosomes, etc, were joined into the cell’s system? The best theory today is Margullis symbiotic theory. But… which are the informations flowing inside the channel that works like a link among ribossomes to mitchondrias to lysossomes? Answer: the force or process called “life cycle”. All these organelles are different shapes of a unique system under a unique life’s cycle. Ribossomes makes the same function that matured sexual young do in relation to a human life cycle, and after that, the function that they do in relation to the human family system (you can ask me this). At Matrix/DNA formula you see the same differentiation of shapes of a unique body creating the seven kind of astronomical bodies, from pulsars to stars to planets, etc. These networks were not invented by ants neither human beings, Nature did it 13, 7 billions years ago when joining ghosts vortexes into quarks, leptons, and after that when joining quarks into protons, neutrons, etc…. and maybe before the Big Bang… Now we are discovering that there is another deep force behind the process of life`s cycles: teh different shapes of frequencies that composes a natural light wave. Resuming: the first phenomena, or first cause, behind these networks… is natural light. Ok, we can debate each issue I wrote here if you keeps yourself talking only about facts, known natural phenomena, not other theories.
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Deborah: ” Restraint therefore emerges as the best strategy at the colony level. Long-lived colonies in the desert regulate their behavior not to maximize or optimize food intake, but instead to keep going without wasting resources.
Deborah: ” Restraint therefore emerges as the best strategy at the colony level.
Ants colonies does not regulate their behavior by themselves. There is no ants strategy, ants have no brain, no intelligence for calculating the stock of resources and which quantities can be wasted, because ants and their colonies does not know about future. It is all about the ability of natural systems balancing automatically the input and output like keeping a thermodynamic equilibrium.  The self-control can be seeing at Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems, it is very difficult to explain with words, but we can grasp the systemic dynamics with our intelligence. It is the identity of the whole ant social system plus the identity of the external systemic environment that works automatically to fit the future, because the circuit of informations of these systems is the same circuit of any life cycle, where past, present and future are encrypted into a unique code, like DNA. The circuit keeps the balance between the input and output of resources like the force of life cycle leads a kid’s body (the input) with the right quantity of resources towards the needs of a teenager’s body (the output) automatically. There is nothing seeing the future, there is nothing doing strategies about the future, because the past and the future are always encrypted with the present into a unique internal circuit of informations.  For a better understanding we need know the process by which matter is organized into functional working systems. First there is a unique shape of several bodies containing the same kind of matter( adult ants in the desert or stars in the sky). Then Nature inserts the force of life cycle, making several different dispersed shapes of a unique species.  Then, Nature take each one of these shapes and connects then in the same sequence of life cycle. Finally you have a working system. The flow of a life cycle becomes the systemic internal circuit connecting its parts. This was the method used for creating the first atoms from particles, the first galaxy from astronomical bodies, the first cell system from dispersed organelles, the ants social system, the human ideal family and now, the human social systems. But… neither Nature has strategies about the future, Nature does nothing, Nature does not insert an invisible force called life cycle. It is all about natural light, waves of light, which has the different frequencies of a life cycle course, invading inertial matter, as explained by Matrix/DNA Theory.
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