Como a Formula da Matrix/DNA Pode Nos Ajudar a Reconhecer e Entender Sistemas e Seres Alienigenas

Why aliens might understand the universe very differently than we do

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MatrixDNA :

There is a universal formula known by us and any other evolved intelligence in the universe which is the key for understanding quickly any different alien life or not-alive. The formula is called Matrix/DNA, it is exposed at my website but I will try explain it shortening with an analogy: All living beings at Earth has a thing in common: the genetic code, be it DNA or RNA. And all living beings are systems. It happens that all natural systems in this Universe must have a thing in common, which is called “Universal Matrix”. We know the Matrix as we know the DNA, its shape, its functionality, etc. So, be it what can be, any alien, biological or electromagnetic or pure light, etc., must be a system, a natural system. And it must have this internal code, in equal or other different shape than the DNA. It does not matter the shape and the code, because the building block of all codes are exactly the same. In the Universal Matrix are the principles and informations that evolves to sensory system (we can see in that formula the shapes of eyes, ears, nose, hands, etc. then, we will understand and recognize the sensors of any other systems), which will be different at each species due different environment.

DNA is the biological terrestrial shape of the Universal Matrix, which is the force, the formula used by Nature to organize matter into systems. We can see the Matrix as the template of atoms systems, galactic systems, plant and animal systems. It is a formula that has evolved with time, but is not like biological evolution. The first shape of the Matrix that emerged with the Big Bang was vortexes spin right and spin left containing all seven natural brute forces, which has evolved to life~s properties here and today. These spiral rotational vortexes at quantum dimensions emits or are transformed into light waves, where the seven forces becomes the seven different frequencies of vibrations. So, even if an alien is made of pure light, we can analyze and understanding it as a system, how it works, which is its expressed properties, etc. How an alien will try to understanding us… First of all, taking a sample of our DNA. Immediately he will see the Matrix, because its formula has the same shape and functionality of a base-pair, lateral and horizontal, of nucleotides. This is the unit of information, the building block of all DNA. So, the DNA is not a code, it is merely a pile of millions of Matrices diversified among them by a tiny detail, like the position of a particle. The genetics of any alien must be the same. The Matrix is the building block, it can be made with different materials, but the working systemic circuit must be the same. The different materials, climate, stellar position, etc of a given planet can make different genetic “codes”, different from our DNA, but all of them has the same universal building block.  The big problem for us will be – if the aliens are powerful than us – how we will get a sample of their genetic material … And I could help the researches to developing their skills for understanding aliens that see the universe different than human beings just now, merely answering their questions, because I have a world view totally different than everything that any other human being has published. For instance, when you see a light wave with its seven frequencies, I see a process of life’s cycle transforming a body into seven different shapes… The models of atoms and galaxies that you know are very different than mine. The cause is that my world view was built in Amazon jungle feeling and listening to a very different habitat.

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