Origens da Vida: Formação em duas fases, dois planetas? Abióticas moléculas formadas em Marte e enxertadas na Terra?

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Readily available phosphate from minerals in early aqueous environments on Mars



If the chemistry essential to life was present in water-containing environments on Mars, the processes that led to life on Earth may have also occurred on the red planet1. Phosphate is one of the chemical nutrients thought to be essential for life and is also considered critical to reactions that may have led to life on Earth23. However, low prebiotic availability of phosphate may have been a complicating factor in terrestrial abiogenesis24, suggesting that a similar hurdle may have confronted the development of life on Mars. Phosphate available for biological reactions can be introduced into aqueous environments through dissolution of primary phosphate minerals during water–rock interactions, but little is known about the dissolution of the dominant phosphate minerals found in martian meteorites and presumably on Mars5678. Here we present dissolution rates, phosphate release rates and solubilities of phosphate minerals found in martian rocks as determined from laboratory measurements. Our experimental findings predict phosphate release rates during water–rock interactions on Mars that are as much as 45 times higher than on Earth and phosphate concentrations of early wet martian environments more than twice those of Earth. We suggest that available phosphate may have mitigated one of the hurdles to abiogenesis on Mars.


Element Crucial For Life On Earth Probably Came From Mars, New Study Finds


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Some source material for this post came from the Space.com news article ‘Earth Life Likely Came from Mars, Study Suggests’ by Mike Wall (via Yahoo News)


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Mars could have developed life more quickly than Earth


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MatrixDNA to bob_d

Our problem is the astronomical theoretical model, then, we can’t solve the problem of life’s origins. There is a new astronomical model which suggests a new theory for life’s origins, called Matrix/DNA. There is a natural and logic link between cosmological and biological evolutions. The matrix RNA/DNA for all living systems is the same for all precursors non-biological systems as atoms, galaxies and stellar systems. While we think that astronomical systems and bodies are formed by spontaneous generations, we will be facing the problem of life’s origins like the ancient people that believed in spontaneous generation of living systems. See the Matrix/DNA universal formula that Nature has applied for transformation and evolution of systems at my website: things becomes a lot more complex, but logical, rational. Of course, it is not the complete and final theory, but it has better explanations and more evidences.

DatavistUAnnalee Newitz

I can’t help but wonder how much of all this Martian panspermia is wish fulfillment, it just sounds so much more exciting than life originating on Earth, I kinda get the feeling it gets more airtime than it would otherwise.


We are not from Mars, not from Earth. Where were the forces and elements that composes life’s properties at Mars or Earth? Evolution was invented here, from nothing? Or a bunch of atoms organized as organic molecules has invented it? The genetic code, RNA, DNA was invented here? The extraordinary engineery of sexual reproduction? Etc?! See the Matrix/DNA models how each force and element necessary and enough for producing biological systems (aka “life”) and consciousness, and all its components were here at the Big Bang, coming from beyond this Universe. Our existence is very, very interesting. Just now


We need remember that cell’s formation had two processes: the first one, biogenesis, where the Margullis symbiotic theory seems to explain the first process for formation of original cells. The second one, cells formations are by replication. Our question is: the Earth conditions at 3,5 billions years ago could support cells reproduction? Or could support the symbiotic process? If the answer for two questions are “yes”, then our cosmological model about planets formation and development are wrong? And if “yes”, then the model is wrong, we don’t need Mars.

But this idea of one two steps go further: the formation of biological systems obeyed also two processes: one was eggs out, the other, eggs in (maybe the Cambrian explosion was also a changing environment that supported eggs-in). If Matrix/DNA cosmological model is right, the formation of galaxies also had two steps: first, the process of a unique initial shape of body being transformed into seven shapes, like our human body does at a life’s cycle, composing a system, the original first galaxies; second the formation by recycling, where a died stellar system becomes a nebulae of dust and the dust makes a new stellar system. We are confused trying to calculate how the first process had evolve to the second process.

In Matrix/DNA I am working at a very complex level, because Matrix/DNA shows the electromagnetic spectrum of light as the formula for turning inertial mass, as planets’ rocks into a kind of living matter, because the seven different vibrations of light waves makes seven different shapes of matter state of vibration, which is the same as any process of life’s cycle. Then, there is the hypothesis that a star is like an anion, each layer emits light at a specific vibration. If so, the Sun’s magnetosphere is mimicking the atom electronic layers and the position of a planet inside a specific region of magnetosphere makes it suitable for certain phase of life’s development. If so, there is no only one two punch but seven steps. Since that planets are changing over time, maybe one planet can supports more than one phases, maybe it can support the seven steps if it pull magnetosphere layers like the jump of electrons, following the same sequence that the Sun is burning its layers. One thing is out of debate: biological systems (aka, life) were created by and inside this Sun’s system and inside this galaxy system. My theory is merely projecting the known process of life’s formation here for calculating the unknown process of galactic formation, because one is the straight ancestor of the other. The current academic cosmological model does not fit as the ancestor/creator of biological systems. And the Matrix models are suggesting that the function of phosphate at RNA and DNA is the same function of comets in relation to galactic systems. So, it is possible that those meteors are from comets origins, not Mars. 4 minutes ago


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Element Crucial For Life On Earth Probably Came From Mars, New Study Finds


Owing to the fact that it is far easier for a chunk of Mars to travel to Earth than the other way around,  it is likely that certain elements necessary to catalyze the formation of biological molecules (like RNA and DNA) came  from our neighboring Red Planet. The vehicle for this interplanetary catalytic “seeding” was most likely a Martian meteor.

That’s according to a team of biochemists led by Steven Benner of The Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology in Florida.

Somewhere around 3.5 half billion years ago, the first biomolecules and then single-celled lifeforms emerged on our watery planet. There was “organic soup” aplenty…but one problem: just adding an energetic spark to this soup of molecules merely turns it into a tarry, sticky slime; supra-molecular forms like enzymes and RNA do not spontaneously self-organize in this mixture. No, what is needed is some type of substance — key metallic elements are ideal — that can serve as the catalysts, to get the whole thing rolling. As it turns out, there is a key element — one crucial for biomolecular formation here on Earth — that was lacking from the primordial Earth-scape but was plentiful on Mars.

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 ” … what is needed is some type of substance — key metallic elements are ideal — that can serve as the catalysts, to get the whole thing rolling.)

What’s going on with the Human Reason at academic community?! Why Humanity is again repeating the same movie that our ancient people made, when their reasoning escaped out of control and they invented religions, magical thinking? What is the key element that gets the fetus, embryos, self-organizing from existing supra-molecular forms? The template coming from parents. Then, what is the key element that gets atoms into supra-molecular forms? The template coming from their parents. Who are the parents that made possible abiogenesis, creating from atoms the molecules and finally the first living being, a complete cell system? This stellar and galactic system. How parents makes their offspring? Genetic code. What is genetic code? Is a nanotechnology resume of a given system. Then, how this galaxy and this stellar system made the first biological system? As a microscopic copy of itself, mutated due different materials and initial conditions.

So, the logical thinking is searching how this galaxy and/or stellar system fits as the template for the first biological system. I did it and the result is a new cosmological model for astronomic system formation and function that fits as the template for cells systems. And the conclusion that our problem trying to elucidate the life’s origins is due our modern academic astronomical model which is wrong. I am challenging any person to point out a scientific proved fact that debunks the models of Matrix/DNA Theory. You can see there the Matrix universal formula that Nature has applied for formation of all natural systems, from atoms to galaxies to human beings. I can’t understand why people lose the control of their natural “Reason”, which is a natural product! Matrix/DNA Theory suggests that this two steps of life’s formation at two different planets is possible, and not only two, but seven steps.

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