As Mãos : Novas Informações (Teoria de Engel e Reflexology Map)

Assunto a ser pesquisado e incluído no artigo sobre as mãos pela Matrix/DNA
stumpyTA  Dr. Plop

I’ll give you a transitional example. Humans.

We were (before we developed speech) evolving towards a better system. Our thumbs – a great tool – are slowly being replicated with our little fingers. You’ll note that your little finger is actually significantly stronger than your middle fingers.

While as good at gripping as our hand currently is, it would be far far better if we had two thumbs. We could grab and manipulate much heavier and more diverse objects.

This is unlikely to continue as we have a virtual 99% child survival rate now so there’s no longer an advantage to humans having stronger little fingers so that strain will likely go no further – but it is, as you requested, one of thousands of ‘intermediary’ stages of evolution whereby something can be observed in progress, and not as a complete set.

Dr. Plop  stumpyTA  (criacionista)

Is there any evidence in the record of human remains to suggest that man’s little finger has ever changed form/function?
There are a great many species that have human-like hands, and that are subject to the vicissitudes of living in the wild. Your rationale is that such species could benefit from having two thumbs. Is there any evidence that such species either now or in the paleontological record have shown signs of their little fingers turning into thumbs?

Marsinah Jawa  Dr. Plop

There are no other species with a thumb like humans have

If you had ever watched an orang utan trying to use a saw, you would have see the advantage of our thumbs

Raja Bob  Marsinah Jawa

What specific attribute of human thumbs are you referring to?

Opposable thumbs appear to be common in primates generally, including both Strepsirrhini and the Haplorhini suborder which includes Hominidae, or great apes, which is what humans are.

Marsinah Jawa  Raja Bob

Human thumbs are unique in that they are not just opposable but are able to grip strongly across the other digits. That makes them flexible and powerful enough to create and use tools – look them up

Marsinah Jawa  Dr. Plop

It’s a reply to you, because it was the evolution of the human hand that was the key to the development of intelligence, a position first argued by Engels, of all people, and now supported by recent research, published in the last couple of weeks
(see Science Daily)


A evolução das mãos humanas foi fundamental para o desenvolvimento da inteligencia, uma posição primeiro defendida por Engels, e agora suportada por recente pesquisa, publicada nas ultimas semanas no Science Daily ???

Preciso pesquisar isso e acrescentar no artigo sobre as mãos. 

Meu comentario postado no debate acima do The Independent:


TheMatrixDNA  Marsinah Jawa

• a minute ago – Sept/15/2013 – 03:a7 PM

Marsinah: I need the link for this article at Science Daily and any other talking about this research. In Matrix/DNA Theory I am very interested about human hands because my theoretical models are suggesting that it is key for deep understanding about evolution/nature. Please, put yours left hand over the formula with the palm over the cone at F1, and each finger over each other function, try to understand the meaning. Matrix/DNA suggests that the shape of human hands is the shape of Matrix formula, which should be the ancestral of DNA at cosmological evolution. The position, shapes, and functions of all fingers match exactly with the shapes and functions of all pieces in a perfect system. But, in the Matrix formula for perfect systems, its pieces are different due obeying the transformations produced by life’s cycles. Then, the fingers are aligned in same sequence of any process of life system. The explanation is that, every time Nature needs to built a new system or a new accessory for existent system, nature apply the same formula that I called Matrix. Then, the formula can be modified for adaptation to do the work that the system needs, but the structural formula is kept. Look to yours fingers: the smaller mimics the babies’ shapes and functions, the next mimics the children/teenager, the middle mimics the young/adult, the other mimics the mature adult and the thumb mimics the senior going to die…it is the history of any life’s cycle! Cheers…


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Reflexology Chart – Hand Points. Press with thumb for 5 seconds & release for 3 seconds, in the affected point. Repeat for 2-3 minutes for 5 to 10 days.

The humans hands is a good evidence that there is a universal Matrix formula being used by Nature. The shape of our fingers and palm is not merely product of random and blindness evolution guided by necessity. You will understand everything if you put yours left hand over my avatar here. Click over the avatar, put the palm just over the pregnant woman, the minor finger just over the baby, and so on, till the thumb over the dying old man. Are you grasping that yours fingers is a real account of a life cycle? Think about the shape, size and function of each finger making comparisons with the figures under them. But, why it is in this way? No metaphysics, no intelligent designer, it happens that every time Nature needs to create a new system or any accessories for existing systems, Nature apply the same formula. Then, the final shape and function will be determined by the circumstance where the new tool will operate. It is fantastic, Nature does not stops at surprising us… it seems that there is some kind of intelligence hidden behind everything, an intelligence that solve all problems with a single but living formula! I didn’t know about reflexology chart and now I will research this issue because it is not surprising that our hands contains points related to the whole system. It must be because the hands were made by the universal Matrix/DNA formula.