Cosmologia: M-Theory se aproximando dos conceitos da Matrix/DNA Theory ao pensar em “brane”= membrana ? Pesquisar.

Artist’s Representation Of P-Branes floating in Hyperspace

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“When something is made from nothing, it is called Creation.”

What you have described is what we call the Big Bang. How can something come from nothing? Simply stated, we refer to the absence of matter as ‘nothing’ and the presence of matter as ‘something’. Please recall Einstein’s famous equation: E = mc^2, where E = energy, m = mass (i.e., matter) and c = speed of light. This is an equation, just as 3 + 1 = 4 is an equation. Each side of the equation is transmutable into the other. If you take one particle of matter and one particle of anti-matter, together, they will annihilate each other completely (i.e., went from ‘something’ to ‘nothing’). Their matter (i.e., mass) was 100% transmuted to energy. During the Big Bang, some energy was transmuted into matter (i.e., ‘something’ came from ‘nothing’).

While we currently don’t fully understand the physical conditions surrounding the transmutation of energy into matter, a leading theory does provide the trigger. Cyclic Theory purports that the Big Bang was the result of a collision of 2 branes, forming OUR universe. Branes are constructs of M Theory, an improvement upon String Theory, which most have heard of. M Theory, consistent with Cyclic Theory, says that we live in a multiverse, so OUR universe is really nothing special.

Meditate on that concept for a while.



Brane – An abbreviation for membrane. Branes can be in any dimension up to eleven. They are the basis of the M-Theory, the leading Theory of Everything. If we take a cross-section of an eleven-dimensional membrane, we obtain a ten-dimensional string. A string is therefore a one-brane.
One theory is that our universe was created by two branes smashing into each other.
Braneworld cosmology

This has implications for physical cosmology. Because string theory implies that the Universe has more dimensions than we expect—26 for bosonic string theories and 10 for superstring theories—we have to find a reason why the extra dimensions are not apparent. One possibility would be that the visible Universe is in fact a very large D-brane extending over three spatial dimensions. Material objects, made of open strings, are bound to the D-brane, and cannot move “at right angles to reality” to explore the Universe outside the brane. This scenario is called a brane cosmology. The force of gravity is not due to open strings; the gravitons which carry gravitational forces are vibrational states of closed strings. Because closed strings do not have to be attached to D-branes, gravitational effects could depend upon the extra dimensions at right angles to the brane.

Membrane (M-theory)

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