Cancer, Oncogenes: Brilhante Artigo do P.Z. Myers no Pharyingula

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What are oncogenes?


Posted by PZ Myers on September 21, 2013

New York City

September 22, 2013

Cancer is a problem of system’s identity and the solution lays on studying the evolutionary history of natural systems. At ” The Universal Matrix/DNA of Natural Systems and Life Cycles Theory” I have suggested a model of perfect closed system which must be the building block of this astronomic/atomic system that created biological systems like humans. As you can see in the formula, the ancestral creator of cell’s systems is not eternal because entropy, so it is fragmented, dying. But it recycles itself and this is the meaning of its existence, birth, death, birth. The final result and whole cancer process seems to me related and caused here. Observing the formula, the identity of that system searches thermodynamic equilibrium for its space/mass/particles aspect and maximum high speed for its time/energy/wave counterpart. The more high speed more recycling and pleasure, which is ancestral of sexual orgasm. Then, it must be something related to human body system’identity, a wrong psychological state. I had no time yet for studying this issue of cancer upon the Matrix/DNA formula, it becomes difficult because cells are opened systems derived from an initial closed system, but you can see a suggestion at my website’s home page how the formula driven the cholesterol circuit in wrong way. I know that mine seems a weird idea but, since that all approaches used till now did not get the elimination of cancer, I think any other approach must be considered.

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