Um metodo para eliminar a violencia e conflitos entre seres humanos

Structural violence is one way of describing social arrangements that put individuals and populations in harm’s way… The arrangements are structural because they are embedded in the political and economic organization of our social world; they are violent because they cause injury to people … neither culture nor pure individual will is at fault; rather, historically given (and often economically driven) processes and forces conspire to constrain individual agency. Structural violence is visited upon all those whose social status denies them access to the fruits of scientific and social progress. – Dr. Paul Farmer

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Violence among humans is a natural production of a Nature on state of chaos. I can see this state of chaos at the origins of this biosphere here, at the middle of salvage Amazon jungle. The human specie as the last complex system produced in this state of chaos still mimics the rules of the jungle, between predators and preys. The unique possibility for the prey getting the force for to defend against the predator is, first, getting the symbioses and cooperation of others preys, second, learning Science and translating it into tools, technology. Technology can be the vehicle that helps the flow of order lifting up from the chaos, but. only if the prey decides no more mimicking the rules among animals. The chaotic state of Nature here is the consequence of wrong actions/tendencies of natural systems that were our ancestors. They built themselves as a perfect closed system, separated from the world, which is the extreme expression of selfishness, from who we inherited the selfish genes, and being a closed system is stopping yours own evolution. This sinner ancestor is called “the building block of primordial galaxies” and galaxies like Milky Way is who furnished all elements for creating life here. Above the galaxies there is something bigger and stronger that does not approve this tendency, then, it attacked the system with entropy. Entropy is the cause of natural state of chaos. And any natural system is composed with two elements: hardware and software. Any shape of the hardware can be discarded when the software evolves and want a more powerful hardware. This software began taking form at the Big Bang, sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, waking up at plants, lifting up at animals, becoming partially conscious at this actual state of embryonary consciousness. We are paying the price of our own mistakes when we were dreaming in the shape of galaxies. No science and technology alone will stop violence among human beings: only a collective moral code produced by the real knowledge about our past times will lead us to the Universal Sacred Family, where everybody are brothers, sisters. The world view of Matrix/DNA has drawn the pictures showing the face of our galactic ancestor as closed system, the principles behind everything existing here and now and it can be the tool for we remembering what is registered at our memory inside our universal Matrix/DNA. This is my trying to do something for my dreaming social system, but, my theory could be wrong, it is up to you finding yours own explanations and suggesting methods for stopping violence among us.