Colloidal Suspensions: Principios na Formaçao dos Sistemas Terrestres, Frequencias da Luz, etc., a Pesquisar

Na formação de processos e sistemas na Terra, vieram os princípios, forças e elementos ancestrais. Tendo ou não os fótons da Matrix, preciso entender esta evolução.

Colloidal suspensions of microspheres in a liquid may not be simple systems

Colloidal suspensions of microspheres in a liquid may not be simple systems

The static structure factor of the microsphere suspension (left panel) and the effective inverse diffusion constant of microspheres (right panel) show similar dependency on scattering vector, which suggests that the lowest free-energy configuration in the static case also has a long lifetime.

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Itens: Brownian Motion, polystyrene,

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Colloidal suspensions and the related gels (solid colloidal systems) are of interest because many of them have fundamentally useful properties. Natural systems such as milk, the interior of cells, even atmospheric fog are colloidal systems. Synthetic colloids exist in coatings, cosmetics, and elsewhere.Understanding colloids could lead to a deeper understanding of complex soft matter, with implications for new or improved materials and polymer science, but we have only an incomplete picture of the structure and dynamics of colloidal suspensions.(Etc…)

Working with high-brightness x-rays from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science’s Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne, the research team used the new synchrotron x-ray technique called ultra-small-angle x-ray scattering (USAXS)–x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy (XPCS) to help them see through colloidal systems in order to reveal inner secrets. This new technique, implemented on the dedicated USAXS beamline (initially the X-ray Science Division 32-ID beamline, and later the ChemMatCARS 15-ID beamline) at the APS, overcomes the problem of attempting to use light to study such opaque systems because the wavelengths of x-rays are so much shorter than that of visible light and so can resolve details of the  involved and their behavior on concomitantly shorter length scales.

Rather than the apparently simple Brownian motion taking place in this , it seems that the microspheres move collectively, whereby buffeted particles pull along their neighbors. Such behavior implies that, compared with expectations, the suspended particles spend much longer times in close proximity without touching. Potentially, this behavior could be exploited in cases where suspended particles serve as centers for chemical reactions.

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