Numero Phi: A critica da matematica cética

The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Numbers: Fact versus Fiction

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Louis Charles Morelli – Feb, 05, 2014

Phi is a natural systemic function, which can’t be decribed by math neither be fixed as a number. Look to the formula at “The Universal Matrix for Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles” for understanding what Fibonacci sequences and Phi are about. Nature is duality between two extremes opposites, but, biological systems makes this duality becoming something like the right and left sides of the same face. When building a new system, or making copy of one existent system, first the systemic circuity begins at the part that will be the tool for Function 1, which is the nucleus. Than the flow of energy/information goes clockwise till finishing the left side at F4. This is the point 1 if we consider the whole face as 2 (the sum of two sides). Here at F4 begins a lateral branch that returns to F1. The function of this branch is reproduction of left side into right side. When this flow arrives at the middle of the sphere (1,5) begins the reproduction, responsible by lateral symmetry, which is the reason of beauty in biological systems.  So, the flow begins to show its job when it is at 1,6 and something, like 1,618. So, phi is a point in space/time of a working living mechanism, not a fixed mathematical point.  Fibonnaci sequences is the way human mind translate a natural phenomena observed at the flow of natural system, which is ruled by the same process of a body under the dynamics of life’s cycle process, which is responsible for biological ( astronomical and atomic systems also), body being transformed into new shapes. Like… if you ad the whole personality of a human body as baby to the shape as child you get the shape of a teenager, and so on… It can be described by math logics, but it is a living process and this sequence begins in the Universe as the sequences of natural light waves ( which are the first shape of the Matrix’s formula).

themanfromwem – 6 days ago 

utter bullsh1t.where’s stanford uni ???????????????
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Louis Charles Morelli – Feb, 05, 2014

Stanford uni is doing a good job. For instance, NASA is looking for technology that replicates robots and any machines at other astronomical bodies, like the Moon, Europa, Mars, etc. Based on my results from “The Universal Matrix for natural Systems and Life’s Cycles” we see a new surprising meaning and function for what is erroneous called “number” phi: it is the point at time/space of any system when the internal flow of energy/informations makes the copy or reproduction of a system or the left side into the right side, then, the bilateral symmetry. NASA will not get the best way for doing its goal if not considering this phenomena, learning what nature does a long time ago, for reproducing any thing. There is no magics about phi, there is Nature at work.

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 This is a fantastic lecture and shows the difference between a scientist and someone who “does science”.  He includes examples of when it works and when it doesn’t. How often does that happen?  He is clearly a very talented intellectual.  Did anyone else giggle at the pix of Arnie?
 Aesthetics is like ideology. It responds to social traditions, values and political interests. We are born with this trained (or tamed) sight —along with hearing, smell, taste and touch—which sees beauty wherever it’s supposed it should be. Everybody sees what they make them see from the beginning and if you buy that, you will try to fit the 1,618… with a hammer in nature or, unfortunately, in an “ugly” person’s head.