Você sabe o que é “Vida”?

Do We Know What Life Is?

by Alva Noë –


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Phil P. Pankaj Seth5 hours ago

And the alternative hypothesis is?

TheMatrixDNA to Phil P.• March, 18

The best rational hypothesis in my opinion is Matrix/DNA Theory: There is an evolutionary link between Cosmological and Biological Evolution, the link is the building block of non-living and living natural systems, its name is Matrix, and its biological shape is a lateral base-pair of nucleotides, which is known as RNA/DNA. See the Matrix’s face at “The Universal Matrix of Natural Systems and Life’s Cicles Theory”. But, then, the link (which is the real LUCA – the last universal common ancestor of all biological systems) is located at the sky, among galaxies, bringing on the thermodynamics properties of non-organic systems upon biological evolution, changing the meaning of evolution and adding four more variables to those three discovered by Darwin (VSI-Variation, Selection, Inheritance). And then, the link obligates us to re-calculate the Universal Natural History, which suggests that this whole Universe is merelly a composition of fossils from ours non-living ancestors, and we are like bacteria inside the universal body. The models suggests that inside this Universe is occurring a process of genetic reproduction of the thing that generated this world, which must be a natural conscious systems living beyond this Universe. Since that any natural system obeys two sequential phases ( first they are eggs-out, the offspring abandoned to random events of chaos; second, they are eggs-in, the offspring protected and nurtured inside an ordered state), we just now are like genes building a new natural system, called consciousness, under the first phase, that’s why “God”, or other name you want for that natural ex-machine conscious system, is not watching us here – like yours mind is not watching the billions of cells-bacterias that composes yours own body.

This is an alternative hypothesis that Tyson does not know, It explains how life began here but it says that we have no way for explaining what’s the ex-machine natural conscious system that is being reproduced by all concious life-forms of all galaxies in this Universe. And Tyson think he has the answer ( a small initial atom), so, he does not wish to known hypothesis that does not fit with his hypothesis.