Sistemas Sociais: Informativo Debate para Educadores e Pensadores, com Participação da Matrix/DNA

Smug and stupid

O comentador  Akira MacKenzie entrou no debate que se segue a este artigo com uma interessante posição: isto está tudo errado, um caos, e apenas experts no governo com mão forte proibindo a maioria das liberdades e direitos desta massa ignorante poderia nos salvar. Muitos revidaram indignados e a Matrix/DNA entrou com uma versão incomum, como sempre. Veja o artigo e nossos comentario postado abaixo:  


N. 121

Akira MacKenzie
26 November 2014 at 4:34 pm
After some sleep and sometime to calm down and think, I realize I’m been acting stupid, stubborn, and more than a little insane.

But,… you said two right things: this is chaos and it is everything wrong. The problem is that would be worst if some human could impose order and fixing everything. Ants and bees already did it and they have the explanation why we can’t do that. Any system that gets the ordered state by itself, every part are slaves of the system ans eternally stupid, included the queen. Because the system becomes a closed system, closing doors to evolution, and will last till be discarded by Nature.

We are product of a chaotic biosphere which is product of a perfect ordered astronomic machine. There is a possible explanation: slow entropy when the discarded bits from periphery are falling into the center, collapsing. Meeting at planets’ surfaces these bits installs the chaos from where will lift also slowly, the flow of order – and the generator machine will be reproduced at that surface. The ants and bees social systems are exactly working copies of these stellar and galactic systems, and like the later, they are condemned forever.

Then, the best we can do is merely watching the chaos becoming slowly an ordered state, naturally? There is no way to avoid the mechanistic “Brave New World”, because this is the best accommodation searched by every human body. Is is necessary to accommodate the body for the health and evolution of “mind” or “consciousness”. This is the reproduction of our surrounding astronomical machine, the body needs to be synchronized with it for being happy.

What we need to avoid is the complement of this terrestrial machine: the Orwellian “Big Brother”. Which is wrong in the name: it is Big Queen, like the star and the bees’ queen. And, I think, the experts that you suggest should be the government, will be just that.

Our problem is that we are two-in-one: a body and a mind. What’s the perfect world for the body, is the bad world for the mind. But with intelligence we could solve this problem: let the stupid and mechanist Brave New World be installed, but, never, the Big Brother ( Queen). An d our mind will not fail slave, will be free for going out and conquering the Cosmos.