Assista o Fantástico Universo por este Video obtido pelo Hubble


Watch: NASA reveals spectacular new Hubble images:

Youtube: Flight to Star Cluster Westerlund 2

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Meu comentario publicado no Youtube e no  Science Magazine ( veja abaixo uma explicação traduzida mais suscinta sobre a imagem)


These great images leave me with some questions: Is the Universe a kind of functional, living system, or merely a chaotic portion of mass/energy, or a fossil of our remote ancestral, or a kind of placenta, womb, where is occurring the embryogenesis and formation of a fetus, a natural system that began at the Big Bang  and is under evolution, changing shapes from particles to atoms to galaxies to cell systems and… humans, till consciousness – the last shape as the son of the thing that generated this Universe that will born in a Big Birth? This image could be the way that a hypothetical intelligent particle living inside an atom which is inside a cell of our body see the space internal the cell, if using a telescope. How could such particle having any idea about the cell’s existence, about the organ where the cell is located, and about the body where the organ is located? Maybe the particle could say: “I see dust and gases distributed in a chaotic and no purposeful way…”  Remembering Goedel’s theorem: “Nobody can know the thru about a system standing inside it”, so, any person that have any opinion about the Universe will have merely a theory, to be approved when someone will go to outside and can look back. I prefer the Matrix/DNA theory suggesting the hypothesis of the Universe like a womb, because till now is the unique theory that is absorbing all these images from the space and all new data without changing its astronomical theoretical model and explaining biological systems ( life) as product of cosmological evolution by the model of evolution that Matrix/DNA understand it. The value of human beings collecting all data and connecting them for trying to see the big picture is the difference between our extinction or success as species, because we need the best model as a guide for  walking synchronized with the universal nature. Wrong worldviews means suffering and the threat of extinction. Am I wrong?

Published on Apr 23, 2015 : This visualization provides a three-dimensional perspective on Hubble’s 25th anniversary image of the nebula Gum 29 with the star cluster Westerlund 2 at its core. The flight traverses the foreground stars and approaches the lower left rim of the nebula Gum 29. Passing through the wispy darker clouds on the near side, the journey reveals bright gas illuminated by the intense radiation of the newly formed stars of cluster Westerlund 2. Within the nebula, several pillars of dark, dense gas are being shaped by the energetic light and strong stellar winds from the brilliant cluster of thousands of stars. Note that the visualization is intended to be a scientifically reasonable interpretation and that distances within the model are significantly compressed. Credit: NASA, ESA, G. Bacon, L. Frattare, Z. Levay, and F. Summers (Viz3D Team, STScI), and J. Anderson (STScI)

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