Cosmologia: Qual a substancia do espaço/tempo e como informações interagem com esta substancia? As versões da Ciência Oficial e da Matrix/DNA Theory


Interessante artigo sobre especulações a respeito de qual deve ser a substancia que preenche o espaço do Universo e como informações no seu mais elementar quantico nivel interagem com esta substancia, fica aqui registrado para fazer uma tradução quando eu tiver tempo e anotar o comentario que postei no artigo da Wired:

Spooky Quantum Action Might Hold the Universe Together

Meu comentario publicado no artigo:


Matrix/DNA Theory offers matter for thought, here. All natural systems ( from atoms to galaxies to human bodies) have a common code which is the Matrix’s formula: a simple software diagram containing the entire circuit that links all parts together. My avatar here shows the code encrypted at two systems’ life’s cycles – the life cycle of humans and astronomical bodies. As all biological systems have a common essency ( the RNA/DNA) also every different shape of a universal system – be it an atom or a galaxy or a bacteria – has the common matrix formula. This formula is also under evolution since the Big Bang and it first detected appearance is in shape of natural pure wave of light. Any natural light wave propagates by a sequence of different vibrations/frequencies as any human body also propagates through space time due the process of life’s cycle. So, the first state of information has a substance, it is light, photons, and if you want call it as quantum information, no problem with that. Waves of light carries on the code and the force that imprints dynamic into space substance ( dark matter?) and while the wave is propagated, it penetrates the substance of time separating portions of this substance into seven different vibrational states, which will be the parts that will be linked and composing a complete working natural system. Ok, maybe Matrix/DNA Theory is wrong on something but I strong suggest that these researches give a look to it…

Tensor networks could connect space-time froth to quantum information.

Tensor networks could connect space-time froth to quantum information. HANNES HUMMEL FOR QUANTA MAGAZINE

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