Vida na Lua Europa: Esta previsao da Matrix/DNA sera testada em breve


A NASA enviou uma nova missao a Lua Europa, do planeta Jupiter. Europa tem se tornado de extremo interesse depois que se descobriu agua no satellite jupiteriano, e onde ha’  agua, as promessas de vida sao grandes. O meu teorico modelo astronomico que e’ diferente do teorico modelo acreditado pela NASA esta sugerindo que e possivel existir vida la. Porem seria ao nivel microbiano, muito acida e portanto mortal para nos, pois todos os indicios na minha formula indicam que Jupiter e sua lua estao na fase entropica ( e assim a vida la’ estaria em vias de extincao e nao evolucao). By the way, para quem estiver interessado veja o link abaixo onde tem um bom video explicativo, e a seguir o meu comentario postado na noticia da NASA:

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june, 16, 2015

All systems GO for our new mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa! Could a liquid water ocean beneath Europa’s surface have the ingredients to support life? This new mission may find out.

Louis Charles Morelli

June/18/2015 – 12:40 AM

If there are life in Europa, it must be mortal, poisoning to us. Due two factors: 1) Europa must be very old, was aggregated to Jupiter when this planet was young and solid. While becoming a gas giant, Jupiter is escaping from Sun’s gravitational force and Europa destiny is to be rocks in the frontier belt. 2)Radiation from Sun arrives very weak at Europa and since that this radiation carries on the seed for life, a long time it has not been strong enough for germinating at Europa or keeping in good health possible life there. These two factors are pointing out that any way Europa is in state of entropy, systemic decay. So, maybe billion years ago could have life in Europa, but due the state of Jupiter and due its location inside a weak vibrational orbital, this life is not going to develop, but going to its extinction. It must be letal to us because it should be very acid.( These suggestions is what I am interpreting based on Matrix/DNA Theory astronomical model)

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