The Constructal Law – Uma Teoria da Fisica se Aproximando da Descoberta da Matrix/DNA


Esta teoria tomei conhecimento ao ler o seguinte artigo com link abaixo e a deixo registrada aqui para fazer uma pesquisa detalhada sobre ela. A primeira vista. o que o professor Adrian Bejan encontrou foi a atuação da formula da Matrix-DNA – a qual constrói os sistemas naturais – mas não a encontrou como construtora de sistemas completos  sim a identificou realizando operações internas ao sistema, as quais não são sistemas e sim, processos. Falta portanto a ele dar o salto de processos para sistemas, mas como e um físico e a física e reducionista, limitada a sua área de tratamento, será difícil para ele.

Improving energy storage with a cue from nature

No texto do artigo –

In 1996, Bejan identified the physics behind these branching natural designs with a new principle he called the “Constructal Law,” which states that for flow systems – like rivers or trees – to survive, they must evolve over time to provide easier and easier access to the currents that flow through them. In practice this means that a river will shift course as it spreads into the sea to avoid obstructions caused by settling sediment, and a plant will reorient its branches in a constant effort to facilitate nutrient and water flow.

Branching patterns, like the ones the researchers investigated in melting materials, pop up repeatedly in nature, from treetop canopies to spreading river deltas. Similar patterns emerge across seemingly distinct systems because the same basic physical law is driving the evolutionary design, said Adrian Bejan, a professor at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

In the following two decades, Bejan and his colleagues have shown how the evolution of various natural and man-made designs, from snowflakes to airplanes (see http://publishing.?aip.?org/?publishing/?journal-highlights/?evolution-airplanes), is explained by the Constructal Law.

“There is organization happening naturally all around us, and the Constructal Law is the physics principle that underpins it,” said Bejan. “What’s left is to be wise and to rely on the principle to fast-forward the design of technology.”

In the new paper Bejan, along with fellow researchers from Duke University and the UniversitA de Toulouse in France, have applied the law to increase the performance of the technology of phase change energy storage.

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A sugestion to professor Adrian Bejan – Congratulations! With the Constructal Law you are almost touching the most importante secret of this big universal natural archipteture. But… you are grasping this law at the level of processes and not the level of systems. You need to know the universal formula that nature has used for building systems – please, Google ”The Universal Matrix/DNA formula for all Natural Systems, Elements and Life’s Cycles”. It explains how the flow of energy/information evolves throught matter building systems and when it does, it brings systemic internal dynamics and friction, which produces heat. There is a common pattern for systems due they are based over the same formula and patterns of processes due the action of functions of any system. I will carefully studying yours  Constructal Law, very interesting and insightfull.

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Improving energy storage with a cue from nature (

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A new theory in Physics, called – Constructal Law – is producing thecnological improvements, which means that Nature has proved it. But… this law was predicted 30 years ago, by ‘ The Universal Matrix/DNA Formula for all natural systems and life’s cycles theory’. Professor Adrian is applying Physics with its reductive method and finding natural processes, like the heating of materials. But… processes are internal operations of systems, so the systemic approach by Matrix/DNA Theory is larger. You see similarities between the tree-flow of Prof. Adrian and the systemic circuit flow of Matrix/DNA formula because any internal process is like a small fractal of a big fractal, which is the system itself. More information you can see in the comment section under that article posted by me. What do you think that is going on in Nature here?

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