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Topic:   There is no evolution neither creationism – this is the new Matrix/DNA world view

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Every known reproduction process is made off by smalls evolutionary steps ( remember embryogenesis). From the Big Bang to the end of this Universe – the Big Birth – is occurring a reproductive process of the unknown thing that generated the Universe. The smalls evolutionary steps are about a unique natural system that is changing shape due the same force that makes a human body changing its shapes: the force of life’s cycles. So we had the atom system, the stellar, the galactic, the cell system and finally the self-conscious system( all these natural systems were our ancestrals). We have discovered that all these systems has a common formula ( which I will bring here in shape of algorithm), called Matrix/DNA, and the biological DNA is merely its last shape here and today. I am challenging everybody to bring on here a unique real proved scientific fact that could debunk this new theory, because I am searching it everywhere, every new scientific paper or NASA’s Images, in the last 30 years, and never found anything. This new world view leaves doors opened to creationism and to materialism, my method of investigation/calculations can’t go beyond the natural limits of universe’s spacetime, so I don’t know what’s or who is the ex-machine creator. Then, this is the theory for agnostics, the third view that I think, has the right to participate in this debate also. Thanks by any criticism, questions, etc. ( I am American citizen but English is not my native language, so, any grammatical correction will be welcome).

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