Embriogenese Humana: Impressionante Video em 3D


From Sperm to Fetus in 3D


e meu comentario postado no Youtube:

There was no rational explanation for that astonishing travel immigration by spermatozoons, like there i no rational explanation for birds going towards a specific island every year. But,… in Matrix/DNA Theory we found it. If you see this image – http://theuniversalmatrix.com/images/origem-astronomica-dos-cromossomas-sexuais.jpg – the explanation is in the universal formula that nature has applied for organizing matter into natural systems, like human beings. When the flow of energy/information running at the left side arrives to F4 it has half of systems information ( as spermatozoon) and its tendency is to continue towards F6. Then the spermatozoon are the flow and they feel and look the ovule like the lonely planet flowing in the inter-stellar space was in need of a star