Especificas Razoes do Porque Nao Aceitam Quando Uma Teoria Se Torna Suspeita ou Obsoleta


Specific reasons why not see when a theory becomes archaic and obsolete:

1st –  Sponsorships and financial support to Universities ought not to be lost.

2nd – The Institutes’ reputation ought not to be damaged.

3rd –  The sales of many books must continue without damages.

4th –  As teacher on Human origins you must keep your job.

– . – . –

You know money speaks louder than Math,

The best fish does not go to your home. You must go and bring the fish to your home.

Also archeologists do not go to your home for free.

If they are able to tell you lies then you ascertain with Math and know that they’ve lied to you,

because they did not come to tell you about datas for free or just because they like you.

They were sponsored, supported and paid by those who believe that evolution is what best explains the origin of the Human body. And whoever needs to sell books about the subject, and whoever needs to get paid for teaching Human origins according to Evolution.

Money has spoken about the importance and accuracy of surrealist datas provided by the respective organized/sponsored institutes.