Mensagem da Matrix/DNA em 27/09/2015


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Do you really believe that the stupid matter of this lost planet invented the extraordinary engineer that is the DNA? And by chance? Now that the academic science have not find a way for proving this absurd “abiogenesis theory”, they are suggesting that another planet or star did it. It is extra-terrestrial abiogenesis theory,
The big problem that our academic mindset can not think the obvious is due centuries of reductive method and the game ideology.
Biological DNA was not produced by a single astronomic body, but, by a system of astronomical bodies. The building blocks of DNA/RNA – a base-pair of nucleotides – are itself a system, a working system, a nannotecnologized astronomical system. It is an entire system that projects itself into another environment ( planets’ surfaces), with more one state of matter – the liquid state, which possibilitates the event of organic chemistry – suffering a mutation, and arising as biological.
The first complete and real living being was a system – the cell system. So, who did it must be a system, and not parts of a system. Entropy attacking astronomical systems can do what our body does: miniaturizes as a microscope genome, inside spermatozoons and ovules. So, an entire system can have its fragments projected into a planetary soup, and from there, lifting up again, with some mutations.
We have discovered that a theoretical model as building blocks of galaxies is exactly equal a building block of the DNA. So, evolution is not merely the Darwinian biological evolution, it is universal, it began at the Big Bang and biological is merely a phase of this cosmological evolution. See at Matrix/DNA Theory, the models of these building blocks and admire how it makes sense.

Another thing that is equal these astronomical and biological building blocks is the wave that results from the spectrum of all electromagnetic radiations, from gamma-ray to radio. This wave can be seen as wave of light. So, any natural wave of light – like those emitted at the Big Bang – has the code for life.

There is no more mystery about life inside this Universe. Matrix/DNA Theory solved everything, this Natural Universal History of 13,7 billion years. Our problem now, our big unsolved mystery is… where come from that light?!  It came together with the Universe, it was existing before and beyond the Universe, but, what is it… we don’t know.
Matrix/DNA Theory is craze now after light and its biologically fragments, the biophotons, which are emitted by stars radiation and cosmological radiation. We are very interested studying the brain and consciousness, because we are suspecting that synapses can produces that ” light” and it has the effect of consciousness.  These are the most important research that our academic sciences should be doing just now, because it could lead us to put a feet beyond the Universe and arriving next to the mysterious source of that natural that has the code for life… and, it seems, for consciousness.
Reductive method did a good job, but, now is time for the systemic method, to see all those details discovered by the reductive method as details of big systems. We need the big picture. For understanding Nature, this world, and knowing how to survive as species in it. Join to us, we are fighting for you and yours next generations.