Fisicos Sugerem que a Consciencia Talvez Sobreviva em Estado Quantico Apos a Morte


Physicists Claim that Consciousness Lives in Quantum State After Death

Fisicos estao sugerindo que uma pessoa pode possuir a dualidade corpo-alma que seria uma extensao da dualidade onda-particula das particulas sub-atomicas. A dualidade onda-particula, um conceito fundamental na mecanica quantica, propoe que particulas elementares, tais como fotons e eletrons, possuem ambas as propriedades de ondas e particulas. Estes fisicos afirmam que eles podem estender esta teoria para a dicotomia corpo-alma.


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William Bliss – Yesterday 2:48 PM

There are many “levels” of speculation.

1) Violates known laws,
2) Zero theoretical support,
3) Zero experimental support,
4) Very weak hypothetical support,
5) Supported by some theoretical interpretations.

The article describes ideas which are at level 1). There is absolutely no way to look at QM or QFT and make a connection to a magical structure which itself has zero experimental support. This topic is very close to another horrendously distorted area of QM having to do with experimental “observations” and their “effects” on outcomes. These too have nothing to do with consciousness. Physicists get very tired and testy with these ongoing distortions.

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The process by which this galaxy created biological systems suggests that all natural systems – from atoms to human beings – has two counterparts like software and hardware. The duality wave/particle is about particles, parts of systems, and humans are not particles. Waves reveals the body running through time and particle reveal the location of bodies in space. So, waves/particles are related to time and space, not death and after death. But…

The process by which the matrix/dna of a galaxy is transferred to a planet surface becoming the DNA of a biological system (aka, living being) is through photons, carrying on the galactic bits-information, and produced by electromagnetic radiation or decay. These bits are inserted into electrons inside terrestrial atoms performing an operation (trying to reproduce the galactic system), like we inserts a software into a hardware. So, we have two primary conclusions:

1) Natural systems does not die, at least, its software counterpart. Software and hardware produces evolution because one feeds the other, in feed-back. Any new hardware model will get more information from the external world which is stored in the software, and when the software becomes more informed, it needs and build a new hardware, more powerful. So, the hardware is replaced, the software is not, it only grows, eternally.The software is the ” identity” of a system, so, the identity of the human as system is its ” mind”, or consciousness.
Yet: like the software Windows is inserted in this computer, but it remains in the mind of its creator Bill Gates – which is an entity existing outside the hardware – the natural systems software, or consciousness, must had its origins from a kind of universal consciousness;

2) The wave aspect of particles exists also at systems like human bodies but it is produced by the body’s process of life’s cycles. Supposes that a human body have today 30 years, so, more one year and it will have 31 years. In this year the body has transformed, it contains new cells replacing the dead ones. Then, as the body physical aspect is being transformed, its aged also is being transformed, is running, from 30 to 31. You see the physical transformations but you can not see its age transformation. That’s it: you see the aspect particle, in relation to space, but you not see the particle is relation to time, which is wave. We discovered the waves in particles because their life time is merely some seconds of existence: if you watch the movie of the whole life of a human 80 years old, in merely a few seconds, you will see all transformations as a wave, you will not see the body standing as particle.
But, we see in the Matrix/DNA formula that when stops the aspect particle, the aspect wave continues running and as it did before, will build a new particle/hardware. So, the conclusion is that when a human die, his/her ” consciousness”, or ” software” is carried on by the wave of time which builds a new body at a new environment, or dimension, like the galaxies built biological systems at a new environment.

The first shape of the first natural system, at the Big Bang, was a wave of light, as we can see at the Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems. So, its producer must be someway light related. Should be consciousness a return to the initial light shape? Like the human baby is the shapes of morula, blastula, fetus, embryo returned to human species shape? If so, the aspect hardware of consciousness had the shapes of atoms, galaxies, plants? If so we could say: the soul was a unconscious wave of light at the Big Bang, it was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at biological systems and is lifting up at human beings… and other intelligent life forms that exists spreaded in this whole universe.

So, the final question is: ” What kind of physical body ( aka particle, aka hardware) our consciousness ( aka wave, aka software) wull built and in which light related dimension/environment?!”


Debate em

Shreekanth Pavar (Shree) 12:46 AM

The analogy between wave+particle duality and body-soul duality is pure speculation. There is ZERO evidence for the soul and our bodies don’t behave like particles, so this “convenient” comparison has no scientific basis.This whole article is an “appeal to authority” (which is itself a fallacy) because these scientists know nothing more about the soul than the rest of us!

_Just because a scientist believes something doesn’t lend it credence or make it more likely to be true!_

Louis Charles Morelli – 6:44 PM – Nov – 01 – 2015

 And your aggressive attack upon this analogy is pure speculation. At the microscopic quantum dimension, the aspect of particle is result from the relation body+space, the wave aspect is the relation body+time, which reveals the body age and the body running, moving, through time. You need to prove that at our human dimension, things are different, so, proving that our bodies don’t behave as particles. Rationally, things here must be equal there, since that the universal Nature is the same.  

For to prove that the human body has no soul, you need to demonstrate that this body is based on absolute vacuum, nothing else.

I agree that the existence of souls are theories made by people that has hard-wired brain different from mine, which makes them to feel different. But I have no scientific proved facts for saying that they are liars. What’s yours agenda for aggressive criticism like this?