Ideia de uma Matrix Alienigena Crescendo e Cientistas sendo Acossados por Ela


Dois autores, que se dizem cientistas, quase ao mesmo tempo publicando artigos e livros reforçando a tese que não somos macacos e que fomos criados por seres de outros planeta. Isto para desespero e indignação de cientistas destas áreas que imediatamente publicam artigos agressivos conta a ideia e os autores. Sera apenas uma ideia instintivamente coletiva, que esta’ na moda, ou algo mais?! Veja os links e meus comentários postados naqueles artigos:

Humans are not from Earth?


An evaluation of the evidence for and (mostly) against man’s evolution on Planet Earth, by a leading environmentalist and ecologist.

An evaluation of the thirteen leading hypotheses
Seventeen factors which suggest we are not from Earth
How did we get here?
When did we get here?
What is our home planet like?
The most likely stars that our home planet orbits
If the aliens are out there why can’t we detect them?
Are we the aliens?

In this fascinating book Dr. Ellis Silver provides answers to all of these questions, based on current evidence and thinking in the scientific community and elsewhere. Links to websites that discuss the evidence and debate the issues in more detail are also provided.

This short book is intended to raise awareness and stimulate debate and to request/gather further evidence from readers. It is a prelude to a more in-depth work due to be published in spring 2016

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10 Reasons Why Humans May Not Have Come From Earth

Louis Charles Morelli – Nov – 06 – 2015 
Works at Self employed

It is rational suspecting that some properties of a human body could not be produced by the stupid matter of this planet alone. It is rational suspecting that evolved intelligent life forms could influentiates the biosphere of other planets. But,…it is rational also suspecting that must have unknown natural systems working as better machines than apes’ bodies. At Matrix/DNA Theory we have developed theoretical astronomic systems described by Newtonian mechanics that has also a principle of biological organization of matter, and these systems are almost a perfect machine. If so, we don’t need the hypothesis of inteliignt aliens for explaninig humans. In the universal hierarcky of natural systems, where any system is inside another great and maybe more complex system, it is enough cosmic radiation spreading its information naturally for gettin a human body like it is just now. As theories, Dr. Silver’s one and the Matrix/DNA theory must be investigated.



Veja por exemplo como um biologo evolucionista ataca o artigo fornecendo link para o artigo original:

Pharyngula (PZ Myers) : An anthropologist who thinks we aren’t apes

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Louis Morelli – New York – November 5, 2015

If a software says ” I am computer”, and a human being think ” I am ape”, both are wrong. What’s a human being is not an issue for evolutionary biologists while neurologist does not know how neurons relates to consciousness. When I think ” What I am?” is not my physical body asking, it is my

consciousness. It does not matter if my body was raped from apes, it is not my body thinking this question as I doubt that any ape think this question..

And my consciousness is a software inserted into a terrestrial biological body, be it ape or something else. Ehe Windows software came from Bill Gate’s mind and not produced by computers, so, it is not logical to think that human bodies produced their consciousness. At last, Science has no data for afirm it.

The fact that we have less chromosomes than apes is due apes are better organic machine than us. And they are better machines because they reproduces faithful the machine that created all living beings here, the Newtonian machine. Human physical body is the necessary natural machine retrocess for nurturing a different origin from a different creator. Which we don’t know who is, because we don’t know what we are.

This is a science issue? Of course, not. Science deals with objects, real things, it does not makes comparisons of two things, does not do cladistic… humans do it. When Science alone enters in the apes’ world in the jungle and in the humans world in New York, Science is dealing with two totally different things and has no real data indicating that one thing is related to another.

One day Science could to prove that our physical body came from apes and our consciousness came from our human brains. But, it didn’t yet.

And if you want to talk for Science, you must feel as you are Science, and not a scientist atheist or theist or communist with their private interpretations behind Science.

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Informacoes/Ideias Novas e Importantes a Pesquisar:

– Ecologist Ellis Silver…. is  claiming that he has scientific evidence that humans are actually from another planet, and he’s written a book about it, titled Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence. Oooh, provocative. And best of all, if you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, it can be read for free!

– Ellis Silver: ” Scientists working on the Human Genome Project and other DNA project have discovered an extra 223 genes in humans that do not appear in any other species on Earth. Where the heck did theycome from? Some geneticists believe they were spliced into the DNA of native Earth hominids (i.e. Homo erectus) directly from the aliens themselves. (Although whether the aliens spliced in sections of their own DNA or took it from another alien species is unknown.) This resulted in the instant leap from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens (modern humans), with no missing link in between them. ” …….. E a resposta de PZ Myers:

” It is true that there are sequences in the human genome that are not identified as homologous to sequences in other species. They’re called ORFANs. ORFANs are chunks of DNA that are picked up by gene recognition software because they have the standard starting sequence of a gene, and then go on for a significant length (300 base pairs or more) before they are terminated by a stop codon, but that have an internal sequence that doesn’t match anything else in the databases. This is somewhat equivalent to saying that your sentence recognition software, which looks for a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end, sometimes finds “sentences” in strings of random letters that don’t make any sense. It is totally unsurprising. Biologists aren’t surprised at all by them. We have multiple explanations that don’t involve aliens making transgenic monkey men. Ian Musgrave has the explanations.”

“We don’t need an alien to inject us with them…” because Nature, in its universal dimension, can alone and naturally, inject the appropriate life form with bits/genes/information not existent in their local planet. It is enough to have in this Universe some non-intelligent natural systems that are more perfect machines than apes and human bodies, as we are suspecting they exists and building theoretical models of them. 

“They are called ORFANs. Called?! Who called them? Certainly it were humans, not their similars, the other genes. So, merely an word, a human word, kill the question about these 300 genes?! Oh no, it is necessary another human invention: by chance. Yes ” orfans genes are produced by accident”. That’s just what those bacterias living inside a human fecundated ovule said about the transformations of a thing that they watched and did not know anything,  from blastula to a human embryo: “Everything product of chance alone and the final product is a thing that does not make sense!”

We are now watching the Universe, from inside the Universe, as those blind bacteria. If they does not see the DNA that is driving the whole process from blastula to human embryo, we cannot see the waves of light produced by all electromagnetic radiation and configured as a Matrix/DNA that is driving the transformations from atoms to biological systems.   

Even if they were really ” orfans”, orfans comes from parents, and parents of their species. But if the parents are genes, it is a species that is inside of millions of other species. From animals, viruses, and why not – from living forms at other planets? It is necessary to prove that the parents of orfans genes were inside humans species and not inside any other species. But… the Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting a theoretical model of DNA that does not lives inside biological species, and so, inside astronomic and atomic species. If so, DNA is not a biological invention, it is universal: there is no natural system – living or non-living – without this universal Matrix/DNA for natural systems. 

And here, as Mr. Ellis Silver and thousands of other websites/authors are being challenged by this theory, because it also suggests that humans and their DNA had a non-Earth influence, but not by intelligent aliens, and so, by single Nature.  In the sky, surrounding us, registered into our DNA, there are more perfect machines than the human body, and by cosmic radiation they are penetrating everywhere life forms that have the right body’s configuration. This could be the Jay Gould’s  “punctuated equilibrium” that explains the jump from homo erectus to homo sapiens.

I think that the Ellis Silver hypothesis is not the right one, but, I am sure also that if he’d had even a minimally competent bit of instruction in basic genetics and molecular biology, or if he go back to modern school, he will not get the right hypothesis either.