O Sol tem andado brabo nestes dias e nossas vidas corre por um fio?!


Na semana passada varias pessoas reclamaram que estavam tendo problemas com Internet, fone, tv, etc. Ao mesmo tempo, a NASA estava capturando fotos da superfície do Sol emitindo grandes e perigosas chamas de fogo. Deveríamos-nos preocupar com mais isto agora? Não se as causas explicadas pelos astronômicos modelos da Matrix/DNA Theory, como esta descrito no meu comentário copiado abaixo que postei no Google+ da NASA:

Solar Dynamics Observatory shows an active region on the sun



This close-up view from our Solar Dynamics Observatory shows an active region on the sun. This region erupted with at least a dozen events over a 30-hour period from Nov. 3-5. More info: http://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/sdo-sees-active-region-outbursts


Louis Charles Morelli 5:14 PM – Nov – 09 -0 2015

The real explanation for these outbursts? This star was not a star long time ago. It was merely an astro like a old planet or a pulsar. Its nucleus was ” eating” its peripheral geological layers, like a vegetable seed as a grain of corn has its white germ eating the yellow stuff. Or like a human embryo eating, swallowing, the placenta nutrients. 

So, this astro has ate till the last geological layer and exploded as supernova. Now it is a old star going to die, because the nutrients are finite. Then, why the outbursts? Look to an analogy: when you eat a cream yogurt with grains of peanut, you need to put more energy into yours tooth for breaking the peanut. The last geological layer is like this yogurt with peanuts, which are the stones, heavy rocks. But, these rocks has energy imprisoned and when they are broken, they emits the energy in shape of flares. Which should not affect our planet.

But, our knowledge still does not know the whole thing about astros magnetic field. The Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting that there is a Sun’s  nuclear center for its magnetic field, which propagates outside filling the whole solar system like a circular wave. These circular waves is what defines the orbits of planets. Each circular orbit has its own frequency/vibration and any planet has it too, so, each planet marries its state of vibration with the right orbit vibrating with the same frequency.

So, the exception of magnetic force applied for breaking the rocks makes that this force is propagated through out the circular wave, like a surfist goes throw the waves of the ocean. Sometimes these ” solar surfists” reaches earth and we have problems here with our communications equipments. 

Ok, you must not believe in this explanation, because Matrix/DNA Theory’s astronomical model is not official. You must believe in the NASA’s explanation. I write it because I think it is good food for thinking our world. We need to understand that these phenomenons are naturals, and so, they are projections from mechanisms and processes that we see here and now at our daily life ( or vice-versa, our phenomenology are evolved  projections from the astronomic phenomenology), then, those analogies above. We need to develop technology for stopping these ” aliens solar surfists” before they reaches our planetary space. For a while, we must send policemen  for giving expansive transit tickets to them, for they filling the problem at their pocket….