Matematica: Uma critica


Numa discusso no Youtube, sob o video ” The helical model”, um comentador criticou asperamente a teoria baseando-se na teoria do sistema solar coplanar aprendido na escola e mencionando muito a matematica. Entao outro comentador postou o seguinte:.

+AEROSPACE or BUST (Liquid Soul)
“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. – Nikola Tesla”
He is obviously a little crazy, it”s reasons as to why like Tesla always stayed away from them, they think it”s all math, but math is just a human thing, the universe works on energy,laws,vibrations, frequncies etc.
Not math, it”s why the dude can”t grow up and can”t understand that the only purpose of the video is to show that the solar system is obviously moving, like everything else in the universe, if he would just shut up about his crappy math stuff, he would have realized that the maker of the video wanted to show a simple thing, that the solar system is moving, and that he should not be so reactive. But math always clouds judgement, as it mostly works with the more primitive and robotical part of the brain for those who can”t use reasoning,intuition, analysis, creativity. Math actually makes people think that space is being curved by huge bodies(and somehow it”s not reaction back,since curved space move stuff) in the theory of relativity, a theory that Tesla always love to sneer that theory, it”s why math can easily be imitated by computers, they don”t think, they don”t even have basic awareness of things like animals do, because they are just imitating objects, that”s all math can do.
Trying to be exact in a universe that always changes.! Another reasons as to why Tesla thinks that you can use math to support any stupid idea is that scientistts actually use math to prove that space is being curved by objects without reacting back, if space would have had such power(As even Tesla said) it would have stopped all motion, it would be like rotating a ball in water, it will react to every rotation and will eventually stop the back.So don”t mind cracks like this guy, they never make anything, they just consume energy and talk, instead of using more intuition, which happens to be the ability of the most advanced part of the brain.
Yeah..he is poor, he is probably one of those geeks who stiill think that bats are blind just because they read that in a book, when they can actually see quite well.  I tested alot of geeks, and I know say that the reason as to why people hate them is because even if they are so easily to fool and have such dull minds, they think of themselves of great pillars of science, but always end up making a big fuss about nothing, and get themselves laughed about when they are proved wrong in a sense. There were these idiots who kept implying that dogs can”t see colors , and there was this geek who provoked a fierce argument that almost ended up with a fight when he insulted the guy who kept saying “Duude, it”s not possible for dogs to not see colors , I actually see mine reactiong to them”, and then some guys found out that those scientists were wrong when they said that dogs are color blind, and they actually see color, but just can”t distinquish just as well, the guy who was right practically moved the geek”s desk in his bed for making such a fuss about nothing. The same math geek made a fuss about bats being blind, and someone disected a bath eye and actually saw that they have the needed receptors to see quite well in the dark also, and that they only use echolocation for hunting and stuff like that in the night, when it”s hard to see, as a example vampire-bats don”t use echolocation for hunting or at all(fro mwhat I know) because they suck blood from big reature, and they are not hard to spot, so no echolocation needed. He was also wrong by a big number of things, because he never actually hecks things from a realistic point of view, for him..if a college professor said that..then it”s a UNIVERSAL LAW, stupid pricks…I had and heard of countless events where many such teachers are witless, because no one ever doubts them. It”s because you don”t really need a IQ test to be one, even Einstein had trouble in his youth with such people