A Visao da Dra. Jill Taylor (My Stroke Insight) conectada `a nossa dimensao pela Matrix/DNA


My Stroke Insight

Jill Bolte Taylor


  Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor – Neuroanatomist – Brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor studied her own stroke as it happened — and has become a powerful voice for brain recovery

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Louis Morelli – Posted at Dec, 01,2015

That’s fantastic coming from a scientist, but Physics, Biologists, atheists, Mathematicians, should understand how this “illusionary stroke’s produced picture of the world” can be real and added to  our picture made off “the scientific empiricist knowledge”, if we know the final results from the pure materialistic rationalism applied to the whole scientific data we have today trying to get the bigger picture – a rational theory. What’s this ” light”, his “energy”, this ” Nirvana sensation”? How they interacts, how they relates, to our sensorial world, described by Newtonian mechanics and mathematics equations? The results of such method were:

( Tradução: Isto e’ fantástico desde que vem de uma cientista, mas Fisicos, Biologos, ateus, matematicos, poderiam entender como esta ” diferente visão do mundo produzido por uma ilusionaria visão de um ataque cerebral” pode ser real e adicionado a nossa visão do mundo feita do “empirico e cientifico conhecimento”, se nos conhecermos os resultados finais de um puro materialista e racionalista método aplicado a totalidade dos dados que nos temos hoje, tentando obter este grande quadro – uma teoria racional. O ue e’ esta ” luz”, esta “energia”, esta ” sensação de Nirvana”? Como elas interagem, como elas se relacionam, com nosso mundo sensoreo, descrito pela mecânica Newtoniana e pelas equações matematicas? Os resultados de tal metodo foram: 

1) Biological systems, as cells, human brains,etc. are merely evolution from non-living systems, as atoms, galaxies, etc;

1) Sistemas biologicos, ( continuar tradução)

2) So, there is an evolutionary link between cosmological evolution and biological evolution, which makes a unique universal system under evolution through 13,7 billion years. Then, there was no “origins of life”, no abiogenesis by chance, etc.

3) Like cells and all living beings has as blueprint, the DNA, this blueprint ( in primitive shape and substances) is present also in astronomical and atomic systems. So, instead DNA we call it universal Matrix/DNA. It is the building block of all natural systems, does not matter sizes, ages, etc.

4 ) The Matrix/DNA has organized matter into atomic and astronomical working systems by applying the force of life’s cycle on a unique initial body, and from it, made the another bodies/shapes/functions for creating a complete working system. The working system is composed by a spherical circuit where flows the flux (or stream) of informations about the system. At the advanced point of this flux is created a point of light and this point alternates between wave and particles, when it creates the pieces of the system. Observing the running of the point of light we see the system arising by series, while observing this flux at right speed we see the point of light as line of light representing the whole system at the same time, which is the parallel processing. The serial processing is saw by the nowadays dominant left hemisphere, while the parallel processing should be saw by the nowadays recessive right hemisphere. Since that the whole circuit emits  a new phenomena called ” the identity of the system”, which is a kind of the systems’ software, this identity is the consciousness of the system. Everything as Dr. Jill had interpreted her experience.

But, where this Matrix came from? What is the difference with ordinary matter?

5) We find the answer when discovering that the life’s cycle force is merely the waves of light that are produced from magnetic radiations, like gamma rays, radio,etc. The real surprise thing is: they are not produced by radiation, they walks in parallel to these radiations linked by an energy obtained from the friction between the two sides. So, our supposed explanation is that since the Big Bang – or before it – there are these light waves – which is the Matrix/DNA – expanding and penetrating a kind of dark matter, or space’s substance. The light wave works in parallel – there is no past and future, only present – and its produced energy plus dark matter works in series, creating time. When this two dichotomic reality build human brains, from space’s substance, they are walking together through the brain, but the left side, wich represents space substance plus that created ” energy” is dominant, while the light at the right side is recessive. So, this universe is like the placenta occurring a merely natural process of genetic reproduction of the unknown ex-machine system that triggered the Big Bang. And as material bodies we are the genes working this process right now and here. If you like it, see Matrix/DNA Theory and its new models of atomic, astronomical systems and interpretation of light waves. From this rational and naturalist world view, I can understanding and accepting everything that Dr. Jill said, even that I don’t like when she says words like spirit, nirvana, etc., because in my world view, these things have scientific names, like genes, friction bridges as energy, etc.

Traducao do video:

00:11 – I grew up to study the brain because I have a brother who has been diagnosed with a brain disorder, schizophrenia. And as a sister and later, as a scientist, I wanted to understand, why is it that I can take my dreams, I can connect them to my reality, and I can make my dreams come true? What is it about my brother’s brain and his schizophrenia that he cannot connect his dreams to a common and shared reality,so they instead become delusion?

00:11 – Eu cresci estudando o cerebro porque eu tenho um irmao que foi diagnosticado com desordem cerebral, esquizofrenia. E como uma irma e mais tarde, como uma cientista, eu quiz entender porque e’ que eu posso saber dos meus sonhos, eu posso conectar eles a minha realidade, e eu posso fazer meus sonhos se tornarem realidade? O que acontece com o cerebro do meu irmao e sua esquizofrenia que ele nao pode conectar seus sonhos com uma comum e compartilhada realidade, e ao contrario, eles se tornam descrentes?

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