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Mensagem da Matrix/DNA: Nao pregue o “amor entre pessoas”. Video

domingo, agosto 27th, 2017


Estou cansado de ver milhares de autores com seus livros ou websites gastando seu tempo atoa. Desde Jesus Cristo, ou Buda, pregar o “amor incondicional entre todos os humanos”, ha’ milhares de anos atras isto esta demonstrado que nao funciona, a humanidade, ao contrario, continua cada vez mais individualista e competitiva. Porque insister no que esta provado nao funcionar? Mas existe uma outra estrategia para se conseguir o mesmo efeito que traria o “amor entre todos”. Baseada numa lei natural. Me pronuncio sobre este tema ao assistir o video com link a seguir e o meu comentario explicando a mensagem que seria correta:


E meu comentario postado no YouTube:

TheMatrixDNA  8/27/2017

Inviting humans “to love each other”, is waste of time, it is the wrong words. Humans still keeps instincts inherited from animals, like the tendency to big predator or medium predator or prey, with some mixing levels in between. The selfish gene models our psyche with abstract canines or the selfishness and inertia of preys. These words are not useful, love has sexual connotations in minds’ people, how could a man love another man or a woman loving another woman?
Using these words prejudices all information/message in the video. People need know that Nature has a law that benefits a specie where its individuals became truly associated in cooperative group, and discards species that individuals became very adapted and “powerful as predators” composing mafias for domination, stopping their own evolution. It happened with particles when some of them were promoted with the transcendence for atoms systems, happened with stellar systems when they composed galaxies, with multicellular colonies that transcended to complex organisms.
The Law works in the way that all new systems, species, begins coming from the death and transformation of those discarded species or systems. The degeneration and death was due an eternal error: stopping their own evolution, becoming closed system with extreme selfishness. Then, this big sin is fragmented into big number of fractions, each one being a unit of information of the big sin. Then, all these units are facing the sin at others, suffering and fighting it, competition is the rule, till getting hate against the sin. At this level all are exorcized from the sin, the bad instincts, purified, cooperation becomes the ruler, they are transformed to a higher level of existence, as a new better system. For example, the smaller reptiles less predator called cynodont evolving to mammals, while the big predators reptiles like dinosaur are destroyed.
This Law is universal and is coming applied since the Big Bang. So, tell the right thing for this level of evolution: you need searching association with people for economic activities, like working, consumer cooperatives, productive cooperatives, etc. Do not want to be the boss neither the employee, but partner. These words replaces “love” in a way that can works, the final will be same…

A Origem do Amor: Formidável Teoria de Platão

domingo, fevereiro 12th, 2017


In Plato’s dialogue, The Symposium, the playwright Aristophanes suggests that the origins of love lie in a desire to complete ourselves by finding a long lost ‘other half’. At the beginning of time, he ventures in playful conjecture, all human beings were hermaphrodites with double backs and flanks, four hands and four legs and two faces turned in opposite directions on the same head. These hermaphrodites were so powerful and their pride so overweening that Zeus was forced to cut them in two, into a male and female half – and from that day, each one of us has nostalgically yearned to rejoin the part from which he or she was once severed.

Amor`a Primeira Vista, Explicado pela Biologia mas Contestado pela Matrix/DNA

quarta-feira, novembro 25th, 2015


Nos USA todo mundo conhece Bill Nye, o ” science guy”, porque esta geração de americanos cresceram assistindo na TV o programa de Bill sobre Ciências. Mas agora temos um video onde uma pessoa pergunta a ele como a Ciencia explica o amor `a primeira vista (infatuation em Inglês que poderia ser traduzido por paixão). ‘E claro que ela pegou-o de calcas curtas, a ciencia nao tem como explicar as emocoes humanas. Mas na guerra que ele esta representando os ateus contra os criacionistas e precisa provar que a ciencia sabe tudo, imediatamente ele busca uma saida e envereda pelo fenomeno da criacao dos filhos, mas nao acaba explicando nada. Claro, amor a primeira vista nada tem a ver com o posterior comportamento com filhos. O segundo problema e’ que ele rebusca tambem este assunto de que seriamos condicionados a fazer de tudo para passar a frente nossos genes, comandados pelos nossos genes a fazer isto – que e’ a grande tendencia da biologia moderna, e a qual, A Matrix/DNA Theory esta sugerindo que esta toda errada. Por isso nao resisiti e postei um longo comentario abaixo do video, o qual copiei abaixo. O video esta em ingles mas para quem tem dificuldade em ouvir ingles, clique no botao (see transcript) abaixo do video que aparece o texto escrito de toda a conversa.

Is Love at First Sight Real? Bill Nye Supports His Answer with Evolution.

E meu comentário postado:


This theory that we are physically conditioned because the supreme goal of genes is to pass on our genetic material as quickly as possible, is totally stupid, ridiculous! Genes are merely a bunch of atoms, so, they have no goals, and less, plan for their future. We are not conditioned physically to want to pass on our genetic material: we are natural systems shared into males ( which decayed substances due entropy need to be expulsed as spermatozoons), and females (which thermodynamic equilibrium is kept by receiving male’s energy and expulsing an invader).

There is no “thoughts about kids triggering love at first sight”. At first sight there is sexual attraction by men and ” a sight of male’s powers” for women. First of all, female and male has different, opposite tendencies, we can mot give a unique general definition for such question. It was not the caveman that began the protection of its genetic line, kangaroos and birds did it before.The first date occurred in the Universe was 13,7 billions yeas ago and explained buy the Physics of the Nobel Prize Hideki Yukawa, when a proton glue with a neutron at the nuclear home and the kids – the electrons- came to playing in the yard. It is from there the first real familiar system.

The reason that – at the first sight – mutual attractions happens is coming from 13,7 billions years ago, before life’s origins, when energy was divided into attraction and repulsion. It has evolved through atoms systems, galactic systems, where bodies are attracted or dispersed, mechanically. At he Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems like human bodies you can see clearly why “the love at first sight” arises. The modern Biology theory where everything is explained by genes which gets a kind of personalization mirroring human beings with targets for the future… is not different of mystical religions mirroring gods by anthropomorphization.

At the image below you can see ” love” and “genetic conditioning” at the level of galaxies: quasar containing a black hole located at the nucleus performing the female function; a pulsar covered by giant volcanoes that emits comets as spermatozoons, performing the male function. Astronomic bodies with life’s cycles like us.

In the second image you see the Universal Matrix/DNA formula for any natural system, resembling the aspect of sexual chromosomes. But this formula is what made galaxies, atoms and its first shape is the waves of light obtained through all magnetic radiations. Explaining love at first sight? I need go to the Big Bang an beginning to talk about light… Or till before the Big Bang  locating the source where this light and formulas came from.  I love the job that Bill Nye is doing, but, he needs to know that human knowledge evolves, too.

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Desenho no Cérebro das “Àreas do Amor”

quarta-feira, novembro 23rd, 2011

Atração, engajamento e compromisso. Três fases do processo amoroso foram localizadas no cérebro, com suas tipicas atividades e hormonios, etc. Para quem não sabe, a fórmula da Matrix/DNA sugeriu uma surpreendente história das origens do sexo desde o Big Bang e seu desenvolvimento até chegar nêste aspecto psicológico do ser humano (não me lembro se baixei o artigo nêste website e agora não tenho tempo para procurar). Agora esta noticia se refere à contraparte fisiológica mental do amor/sexo no cérebro, muito importante para uma pesquisa á luz da fórmula matricial. Podes ver um interessante grafico no website abaixo. E importante é ler os comentários que se seguem, pois há muita informação util ali para nós, o que voltarei a fazer quando o tempo permitir.

This Is Your Brain On Love (INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC)


Posted: 11/23/11 08:32 AM ET