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Como fazer a mente viajar pelo Cosmos apenas vendo uma cebola!

sábado, fevereiro 7th, 2015

Um texto muito inteligente e inspirado lido agora na Internet me fêz refletir viajando de uma cebola ao Cosmos e me inspirou registrar mais esta descoberta. Veja primeiro este comentario que postei no testo e depois leia o texto no link:

Onion: It seems very simple, but… it hiddens the deepest secrets of Nature

Louis C. Morelli – Saturday, feb. 07, 2015

Onion is a natural product. But… why and how Nature produced it, in this shape, format, taste, etc? It was merelly the convergence of several natural forces and elements that are rolling under the universal flow of causes and effects, since the Big Bang, to a tiny point of space/time, just here and now. So, onion is an object that synthesises a branch of a long Universal History 13,7 billion years old. Then, in the onion, in its shape, format, taste, seed,. etc. is hidden the deepest secrets of Nature. Like mimicking the waves of light/energy emitted by Sun’s radiation, which “essential genetics” are encrypted into the onion throughout photosynthesis ( since that the Sun is a source of light/energy and a magnetic field, and these things propagates by concentric waves, it is supposed that the entire space of this solar system contains magnetic layers so, each planet orbits a specific spectrum, frequency/vibration).  Like the the Earth’s shape as superposed geological layers is also encrypted into the onion. And there are lots of secrets in the Onion revealing a never saw before natural secrets, which are being discovered and described by Matrix/DNA Theory, because the universal matrix is also encrypted there.


O link e o artigo ( copiado para posterior tradução);

Reflection of an Onion