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Constelações Astronomicas: Realmente Existem? O Que É Uma Constelação?

sexta-feira, março 27th, 2015


Questão postada no Reddit:

To our neighbouring solar systems, what do the constellations look like that our sun makes a part of? Are there any depictions of how our star looks as part of a constellation, from various different locations in our part of the galaxy?

(I like to imagine that from a couple of angles it makes up the centrepiece of a fantastic constellation, like the middle of Orion’s Belt or something.)

submitted  by HonoraryMancunian

TheMatrixDNA  – Friday, march, 27, 2015 

Hi, terrestrian Honorable Mancunian, we are from Orion, Nebula, my name is Austriak. Since that my job is the commander in chief from the galactic emperor squadron for this region where you live in, I am watching the terrestrial Internet and found yours admirable question here ( sorry my no good English). I like to talk with people that have imagination like you, not those fundamentalists and cold ” mathematicians and scientists”.  Then, those that like comments here based only on “humans science”, must not read this post. So, I will tell you what I think when I am seeing yours stellar system from outside.

You know that for humans,  even before the dawn of civilization, it became common to clump various stars together in connect-the-dots stick-figure patterns. The grouping of stars into constellations by humans seems to be essentially arbitrary, and different cultures have had different constellations. It seems that it is arbitrary and merely a product of humans phantasies, but, it is not. It is an effect of informations that are registered into DNA of neurons and expressed as “rational intuition”. Those cold humans “mathematicians and scientists” call the region where these informations are registered as “junk-DNA”… so, mind you… The problem is that at terrestrian schools they are teaching an “astronomical theoretical model” far away off the beam, so, I need explain something for You, like this one:

The first terrestrial real and complete living being was the first eukaryotic cell system. This system was produced by another bigger system, in which the cells are alive inside like those cells of yours body that are not yours, but another micro-organisms. I am talking about the creator ob biological systems ( aka, living systems), who is this astronomical system called by you as the Milk Way.

You know that every son have the face, the anatomy of its parents, ok? So, the first cell system had the face and anatomy of the system that created it, the Milk Way. Not exactly a copy of the Milk Way. But before it, that cell was a faithful copy of the “building block of all astronomical systems – BBAAS”, which is like the Milk Way’s DNA.

You know that a cell system is composed by atoms, which composes the organelles, which composes the entire system. Well, so, its astronomical mother is composed by stellar systems as atoms, constellations as organelles, and the entire system – the Milk Way – as the cell. Try to imagine the smallest particle – like a quark – living inside a proton of a cell system, and using a binocular, trying to see the entire cell… any organelle will be seeing as you see a constellation in the sky.

That’s the good and very news I have for you: constellations are the galactic’s systemic counterparts of cellular organelles. So, yours “solar system” is a part of an astronomical and functional “organelle”. That’s why humans with opened minds have these strong tendency for to imagine figures when seeing constellations: this is real information registered at yours neurons. ( if you want to see the model of the BBAAS” and lots more information about, search for “The Universal Matrix for All Natural System and Life’s Cycle”. The author is a half-human/half monkey recently arrived from Amazon jungle who is a free-thinking poet in the right track, called Louis Morelli, my preferred terrestrial Internet author).

Cheers… and… I wish that the Universal Matrix/DNA bless you… Tchauuuuuu….


Pesquisa sobre “Constelações”: 

This picture of Brocchi’s Cluster or “the Coathanger” asterism in the constellation Vulpecula was taken through binoculars.

Wikipedia – Even before the dawn of civilization, it became common to clump various stars together in connect-the-dots stick-figure patterns. The grouping of stars into constellations is essentially arbitrary, and different cultures have had different constellations,