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Debate sobre qual o tamanho máximo pode alcançar uma criatura viva

terça-feira, janeiro 16th, 2018


Can a Living Creature Be as Big as a Galaxy?

E meu comentario publicado em o1/16/18:

” Can a Living Creature Be as Big as a Galaxy?”

But, but,… galaxies are our ancestors. If you say we are living creatures, why not our ancestors? What? Galaxies are not our ancestors? We were produced by a galaxy, inside a galaxy, and only with forces and elements of this galaxy ( exactly like my body was produced from my parents’ bodies), so, why it is not our ancestor? Oh I know: your astronomical theoretical model suggests that there is no evolutionary link between galaxies and biological systems, that biological systems arises by magical chance or magical gods… These mistakes are due trying to project Physics, Math and Artificial Computation for understanding life instead doing it with Biology, organic processes and Genetics. Physics, Math and Mechanic brains applies to the bone skeleton ( of organisms and universes) not to the soft meat and sentience.

There are other theoretical astronomical models (Matrix/DNA Theory) saying just the opposite, showing how life’s properties are encrypted in mechanistic fashion into astronomical systems, suggesting a normal natural continuing evolutionary process.

Like dinosaurs arrived to a size/limit in relation to Earth environment, there is a size/limit for systems complexity in relation to universe’s environment. Like biological evolution went back in time/space for finding the smaller and humbly cynodont for continuing complexity, transforming it into mammals, cosmological evolution did same thing when the most evolved system were galaxies, too big. Then, Nature applied nanotechnology, like it is applied when resuming an adult human body into a microscopic genome.

” When it comes to known sentient life, the range in scale is even smaller, at about three orders of magnitude”

A human being waits 6 or 8 months of brain’s development for to begin express consciousness, that inherited from its parents. In relation to the universe, the universal system that began to developed, waits 13,8 billion years for expressing consciousness. Given the difference of sizes/scales of time, what is the problem?  Known that humans are genes for universal consciousness – carrying on a kind of fetus just now and here – our problem is to know how will be the connections between us and the quatrillions of other brother/genes for consciousness spreaded  in the whole universe…