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Tudo veio do Nada! Debate entre os dois mais famosos cientistas de hoje, Krauss e Dawkins, e a critica da Matrix/DNA

domingo, junho 16th, 2019


Debate sobre origens da vida e do Universo. Abaixo está copiado o meu comentario postado no Youtube, sob pseudonimo de Pablo Fonseca

Something From Nothing – a conversation w/ Richard dawkins & Lawrence Krauss – ASU Feb 4, 2012

Pablo FonsecaPablo Fonseca – 6/16/19 (primeiro dos dois posts de entrada)
Unbelievable these two intelligent men talking absurdities as “life from non life” and “, “an Universe from nothing”, only because they do not have the correct theoretical cosmological model. Every property from each biological system (mistakenly called ” living thing”) is existent at astronomic and atomic systems, and the formation of this universe was identical to the formation of all systems inside it and produced here. So there is no problem as “how was the origins of life and the universe”. There are no “origins”, everything comes from transformation with evolution. Someone has even saw the “origin” of something? The word “life” is the culprit of this messy confusion and the first cause that makes our mind going out of Reazon towards magical thinking, searching gods or chance operating as magicals. All natural systems has “life” or noone has it. Physics and Biology breaks the Universal Natural History of 13,8 billion years, with a unique continuum evolutionary lineage, into two separated blocks – The History of Cosmological Evolution, till 4 billion years ago, and Biological Evolution, till now. THIS SEPARATION DOES NOT EXIST. Natural universe does not know about that. A non scientist called Morelli found the evolutionary link between this astronomic system and the first cell system merely applying the old method of comparative anatomy between the two system. It was so easy to solve these big mysteries! I can’t believe that humanity do not grasp it!
Pablo FonsecaPablo Fonseca – 6/16/19 (segundo dos dois posts de entrada)
” When has replicating molecules, evolution can takes off”, says Dawkins. He is trying to describe movements of matter as an observer. Like a microscopic microbe inside an ovule would say: ” Since the female chromosome mixed with male chrossoma, evolution took off… and we are watching evolution just here and now, one shape being transformed into a new more complex shape.” We know how these microbes are right describing the scenes, but so much wrong about the meaning, the causes. The microbes can’t see the genome and DNA doing everything, driving evolution based on previous natural non-intelligent design. A design that was transmitted naturally, without applying intelligence, by a couple of a species living outside the ovule that the microbes does not know nothing about. This species that Dawkins can’t see also standing here, which transmitted a kind of DNA and is driving these evolution (which are merely the steps of a reproductive genetic reproduction(process) with big mutation due the new environment) is just this astronomic system that was here before biological systems, in which body life started. But Dawkins can see this species surrounding us, the problem is that cosmologists like Krauss didn’t get the right theoretical astronomic model. Matrix/DNA Theory at least got a model where all life’s properties are localized in this species 10 billions years ago. Evolution did not took off here, it already was cosmological evolution, there is a logical continuum…
Brian Holloway – 6/16/19
Eminent Philosophers. Richard Dawkins Here stated. And I quote. We don’t know how it started. And as yet We cannot started it. That is, A single cell organism that can replicate. And all the engineers of science, And all the laboratories around the world. As yet have not Even come close, To producing A living cell that can replicate from a rock. But when we can do it, We know that Evolution can takes off ” These are supposed to be too intelligent men? This is pure assumption and speculation. Even the greatest Naturalist of all time John Gould, Wrote, Two staggering quotes. One…… At the present rate of erosion, It is a miracle we still have the fossil record, It should have been rubbed out at least eight times. Second…… When we find the missing links we can prove Evolution. I wonder if those two People Here speaking believe in Santa Claus. If you cannot get past the first basic hurdle. Cellular replication. Why bother Writing complete articles, volumes Cyclopedias on Evolution. When you can’t get past the basic. It is all assumptions Philosophy and speculation. I was talking to a scientist even today 2019. And he was staggered. That plants If you cross pollinate or Hybridise Within seven generations, They revert back to the parent. The Bible is Incredibly Clear On this. And As working with plants for over 50 years Professionally. I can assure you this is absolutely correct. The first five minutes of this presentation clearly shows that they have no understanding of what They are talking about. Pure Speculation and assumptions.
Pablo FonsecaPablo Fonseca – 6/16/19 – answering to Brian.
Brian, debate between humans minds are good because yours criticism about my world view makes me to think differently and can be useful for correcting my mistakes. I agree that the real proved data we have today does not make us rational if we jump to conclusions about the existence of these things. But when you jumps from these data to the supernatural as the writers of the Bible did, I think you are not being rational also. You says that scientists can not produces a living cell that replicates. Yes, but you know that in real world this happens. How the simplest matter of a lost planet could produce such phenomena? Neither these two men neither other religious people like you will find the solution because you lost the track of natural reasoning. I went to Amazon jungle with an old microscope and telescope asking it to who witnessed the origins of life and still are here, the untouched pristine Nature. And the solution I found is that 10 billions years ago, existing natural systems were replicating themselves. I can’t say that it is the correct solution because I can’t doing experiments testing it, because we do not have the necessary technological tools. But the advantage of this method, is that I got ideas to develop new tools and experiments. While atheists and deists – both far away from the beam – does not know what do next…

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Ateismo: Dawkins com dois novos livros – “Atheism for Children” e “Outgrowing God”, atheism for teenagers.

quarta-feira, agosto 15th, 2018


Richard Dawkins, atheist evangelist, is working on two new books, Atheism for Children which will be illustrated (!) and Outgrowing God, atheism for teenagers. I know, I can feel your excitement.

What is Atheism for Kids all about? God knows

” Atheism is that odd faith that says there is no God, so perhaps the pages will be blank to reflect the emptiness of it all, the sheer nothingness of this belief that maintains life came from non-life, organisation came out of chaos, consciousness came out of non-consciousness and reason came out of irrationality.

Aviso aos Físicos: O Excesso de Física Leva à Loucura. Veja Vídeo Aqui

segunda-feira, fevereiro 16th, 2015

Richard Dawkins Knows Nothing About Nothing?

Meu comentario explicando a versão da Matrix, publicado em:


O problema dos ateus é o mesmo dos deístas…  é apenas uma palavra que nada significa: “origens”. Alguem alguma vez na vida viu a “origem”de alguma coisa? Ou seja, algo que comprovadamente nunca existiu antes em lugar e tempo nenhum surgindo perante seus olhos, ou mesmo que seja perante os olhos de mil gerações? Me apontem pelo menos uma. Tudo é produzido pelas transformações ou convergências de fôrças e elementos já existentes antes, isso é o que pode ser cientificamente comprovado. E este universo, assim como esta vida, não podem ter surgido ou se transformado de um NADA que não possuía nenhuma fôrça, nenhum elemento, assim como não pode ser o resultado da transformação de algum Deus Mágico nem a magia pode ter alguma fôrça ou elemento em si mesma.  Por causa desta nefasta palavra que logo conduz a imaginação humana aos reinos dos pensamentos mágicos, alguem precisa inventar soluções inexistentes, tais como deuses mágicos e nada mágicos. Falar ou pensar em origens de universos ou origens da vida é uma absurda aberração contra a racionalidade. A unica visão do mundo que não precisa de “origens” pra explicar as existências de universos e da vida é “A Matriz Universal dos Sistemas Naturais e Ciclos Vitais”, como explica seu website.

Publicado em Youtube:


The problem of atheists is the same for deists … it’s just a word that means nothing: “origins”. Anyone have ever seen the “origin” of something? That is, something that never existed before proven in any place and time appearing before their eyes, or even if it is in the eyes of a thousand generations? Please,  point at least one. Everything is produced by transformations or convergence of forces and before existing elements, this is what can be scientifically proven. And this universe, and this life, may not have arisen from a NOTHING that had no forces, no elements, and can not be the result of the transformation of a Magic God or some magics  that may have no some force or element in itself. Because of this ominous word that soon leads the human imagination to the realms of magical thinking, someone needs to invent nonexistent solutions, such as magic gods and magical nothing. Talking or thinking about origins of universes or origins of life is an absurd aberration against rationality. The only worldview  that does not need “origins” to explain the existence of universes and life is “The Universal Matrix of Natural Systems and Vital Cycles”, as explains their website.  But, then, they are agnostics.