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Dez Razoes Logicas Sugerindo que os Humanos nao Vieram Deste Planeta e Analise pela Matrix/DNA Theory

sábado, novembro 7th, 2015


Tudo começou quando um ecologista, Dr. Ellis Silver, publicou um livro com uma teoria estranha: ….. Existem muitas teorias da conspiração por ai’ e muitas outras versões desta ideia de alienígenas terem interferido aqui neste planeta na antiguidade, ou justo agora. O que chama a atenção para o Dr. Ellis e’ que ele trouxe `a tona, certos detalhes da Natureza que ninguem havia notado ou pensado direito antes. Sao muitos detalhes que podem ser vistos em seu livro ( mencionado aqui neste website no artigo anterior), mas um artigo da …. selecionou os dez principais, e aqui vamos copia-los, traduzi-los e analiza-los sob a perspectiva da Matrix/DNA

10 Reasons Why Humans May Not Have Come From Earth


You know the phrase: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus … but what if we’re all from Alpha Centauri?

An American ecologist by the name of Dr Ellis Silver thinks that he might have spotted a few telltale signs that humans did not originate from Earth, and that we’re actually beings from another world.

There is a pretty well-accepted theory out there that organic matter may have been delivered to planet Earth by meteors, perhaps as single-celled organisms or just as the building blocks of life such as amino acids.

But Dr. Silver goes one step further: That we arrived as fully formed, complex organisms, between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago. Perhaps we interbred with Neanderthals, perhaps we’re just straight up aliens, all Silver knows is that there are some things about our physiology that just doesn’t add up.

Citing everything from sunburn to childbirth in his book Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence, Dr. Ellis Silver points out all of the things that seem to contradict the idea that we evolved over millions of years in our earthly environment. Who knows, perhaps Earth is even some kind of prison colony, and we’ve been sent to this little galactic backwater to learn our lesson whilst the rest of the universe zooms about in lightships?

Granted, these theories should probably be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, but what does the venerable Dr. Silver have to say about the possibility that we’re all just spacemen?

1. An Editor’s Note

Okay, it should be said at this point that Dr. Silver’s theories should be taken with a healthy pinch of salty skepticism.

The idea of planet seeding is one that is gaining lots of interest in the scientific community and many have expressed interest in investigating Silver’s thoughts more thoroughly. Of course, there have also been those who have said that “it is possible to drive a coach and horses through several of his arguments.”

Which is also a fair point.

Silver often mistakes cause for effect and relies too heavily on the assumption that evolution is a perfect process. The idea that every mutation has to “make sense” completely is false, and the idea that evolution does not compromise is wrong. If the benefits of a particular mutation outweigh the cost, then it’s likely to stick around, warts and all.

For example, this accounts for the idea that childbirth is very difficult. In fact, it is because we essentially walk on our hind legs that our pelvises have changed shape. Luckily, the benefits of walking on two legs, thereby freeing up your hands for things like tool-making, outweigh the drawbacks of difficult and painful births (we can even use our hands to help each other give birth). This is known as the Obstetric Dilemma.

Whilst this doesn’t Silver’s theory, it does slightly weaken the “Childbirth, what’s that all about, eh? Eh?!” angle. Something that Dr Sliver relies on quite a bit.

There are quite a few holes like this in Dr. Silver’s theory. But, then again, Silver himself has said that his arguments are designed to spark open debate, and are by no means conclusive proof that we’re all aliens.

So, with that in mind, let us know what you think in the comments. Are we a bunch of hyper-evolved aliens, trapped on this godforsaken rock, or are we just a bunch of apes in shoes after all?

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