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O que é ética e moral. Como esse fenômeno existe na Natureza, em todos sistemas naturais, desde antes das origens da vida

sábado, novembro 3rd, 2018


Post from Kaiser Basileus:

Ethics: What passes for wisdom for most people is compliance. What passes for common sense for most people is common compliance.

My answer:

Kaiser Basileus – I have seen people here very interested at ethics/moral issue. I am afraid that you will stop and not read from the point that I will say that ethics/morals are not invented by humans, because we can see them at Nature before life’s origins. Ethics/morals arises from each time a new natural system is organized. Non-living systems as atoms and galaxies has a force that produces homeostase, the internal equilibrium, and this force acts over each part with a unique control rules. So, each part has its own tendencies and if they have free will and there is no systemic force in control, there will be no organized system. Then, each part is obligated to obey the control rules but it has still place for some individual liberty. It happens that if a part acts full-filling this place it will prejudices the other parts, there are limits among parts to obey also. So, if a part does not want a violent reaction from other parties, it has to build a kind of its “moral”.

This force in control arises from the sum of informations of all parts plus the informations from the connections and interactions of all parts plus the interactions of each part with external world. So, this force is bigger than all parts, it is invisible and seems to be abstract, like the mind in a brain, but it is real and we call it “the entity of a system”. Then, at primitive non-living systems like atoms and galaxies – which are our ancestors – this social system entity comes what at social system’s human level we call “ethics” and the kind of each part behavior in relation to other parties we call “moral”.

Things would be more easy to understand if you see the Matrix/DNA formula for all natural systems, where you see by yourself the obligation to have this entity and how the parts must behavior. Amplifying the approach to ethics/moral in this way, becoming it a universal phenomena, have been for me, useful at understanding the evolution of humans societies ethics and morals because we knows the Nature that built human beings since the tribal beginning, I don’t know if will be useful for you. Cheers…