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Mais Indicios na Síria de que O Eden Paradisiaco Realmente Existiu? A Stonehenge da Síria?

quinta-feira, março 13th, 2014

‘Syria’s Stonehenge’ – Underground Tombs Stone Circles Older Than Anything Seen In Europe
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TheMatrixDNA – March, 13, 2014

The building block of DNA was drawn with stones at Stonehenge and we need see the photo of the Syria’s stones, if it was built by same inspiration. We are discovering that all ancient symbols (from I Ching to the fable of Adam/Eve in the Paradise to the cosmogony of ancient jews) were merely representation of flashes from scenes and events of the past times registered at their memories. Since that universal evolution obeys the same and unique chain of causes and effects, and matter has the property to register the flow of this chain, humans have all universal history registered at their memory, since the Big Bang and ancestors like atoms and astronomical systems. The reason that primitive people were able to remember something from this past is that their brain was still fresh, not corrupted by culture, like ours modern brains. Ok, this is merely my theory, but it is based on a big surprise: the fable of the Paradise is a real account of the state of the world 4 billion years ago, moments before life’s origins at Earth. Then, I discovered that all mythological accounts of big religions are related to the same world.s state. It happens that the shape of the building blocks of atoms and galaxies are the same configuration of the building blocks of DNA. You can see the models and pictures about this interesting theory at “The Universal Matrix of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”

Deir Mar Musa

Deir Mar Musa