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O maior Debate da Historia da Internet já conta com 489.925 Posts !!! – Bill Nye

quinta-feira, março 31st, 2016


O video publicado em Aug 23, 2012, e já rendeu 7,153,340 visitantes, mas não e’ isto que impressiona. O que impressiona e’ a militância aguerrida destes visitantes, expressada no turbilhão de discussões acaloradas que se segue no Youtube:

… there is no other logical explanation for the diversity of species and all the other alternative ideas are very weak in comparison.

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 03/30/2016

+Sahil Kumar – Of course, there is another logical explanation that makes the natural process of evolution more acceptable. It is MatrixLight/DNA: ” Diversity, in universal macro-evolution happens because the genome of a prior natural system is not transmitted as a whole package inside an envelope, like occurs at micro-biological evolution. The genes/information are spread in time and space, by all galaxies, and if they meet at some place at the same time, they joining trying to reproduce the system from where they came from. It happens that these ” smallers and diversified packages” can have a life of their own, if they gets the central nuclear informations. Transformation of species can occurs if it is accessible to new information entering their DNA.” – By the way,… LUCA was in the sky, and diversification here, at least at the microscopic world, were created one by one… by a non-magician natural system.


I’m just wondering, if DNA is so complex, how does evolution play a role in it? How was it created by something so accidental like the “Big Bang”?
Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 03/30/2016

+TheStichedHuman Hummm… Let’s go to think about the same scene of Big Bang and the following complexity happening here and now? The “explosion” of a spermatozoon’s membrane inside an ovule. It is an event by chance because it could not happen. Then, inside the ovule begins the morula, which becomes more complex as blástula, etc. I elaborated the MatrixLight/DNA world view asking straight on to Nature – in the real Amazon jungle were still exists the witness of life’s origins – all my questions. And Nature always answered questions about the longest times and spaces, pointing out a sample here and now. Why? Nature does not plays dice with its creatures. This Universal Nature is not magician, so, it can not creates new information from nothing. If it produces a new natural system here, called human body, it will apply the method itself was created. That’s why yours fist moment of existence happened with a big bang inside an ovule. That’s why a morila mimics a atom nebulae, the blastula mimics the sky full of galaxies, and so on… yours personal history is the history of this Universe. Why are you wasting time, spending a lot of energy, elaborating complex theories like ” a Omnipotent God” or ” Everything came from Nothing”… if all answers are just here, facing yours eyes? Go to see my website and wander how yours natural origins is divine.

Atheism is stupid as it is so obviously false on every level. God reigns supreme in the temple of heaven. He clearly created all things, but atheists say that didn’t happen, not realizing that evolution is fantasy. So answer me now, why are atheists so stupid?

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 03/30/2016

+Navin Smith Atheism is stupidity because it is the other side of the coin which has as one side, creationism. it is ” The coin of the Absurd”. The unique rational state for human beings is agnosticism: ” I don’t know anything about metaphysics”
2 words for Louis C Morelli: agnostic atheism .

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli1 second ago

+ergonomover – Nope… The danger of atheism is that it leads you to believe in something, at least, in the world. But, you knows that if you clean all empty space from galaxies and stellar systems, and after that, cleaning the empty space inside the atoms and particles, this whole Universe’s matter could fit in a tea spoon. Maybe resting only a black liquid substance and a microscopic point of light. So,… This world does not exists, really, man!
We can’t explaining how and why but the true is: “IT DOES NOT EXIST” If you believe that science can to solve this mystery alone, your are being driven to beliefs like Lawrence Krauss ” From Nothing came Everything”, which is such absurd like creationism. There is a point in space /time when all our known natural laws are reversed to its opposite. Only this way there is a logical explanation for this world. Our little brain can not process a image of a world that had a beginning from Nothing, neither a world that had no beginning. There is no third alternative. Yes I am agnostic, not atheist, because after that point in space/time, all impossibles can b possible… till… magical gods…. which does not know that we exists here.