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A Fórmula da Matriz/DNA como Algoritmo Para Todos os Sistemas Abertos e Fechados

terça-feira, maio 26th, 2015


A fórmula da Matriz/DNA como algoritmo de um sistema fechado ( existente somente nas escalas atomicas e astronomicas):

E o desenho do circuito do fluxo interno de informação da fórmula da Matrix/DNA na sua versão de sistema perfeito fechado, na forma de diagrama de software

E o desenho do circuito do fluxo interno de informação da fórmula da Matrix/DNA na sua versão de sistema perfeito fechado, na forma de diagrama de software

F1) Existem ingredientes crus no espaco, na forma de massa e energia, e rodopiando devido rotacao do espaco?

Se sim, forme-se o rodamoinho e misture ingredients crus cozinhando-os ate que bolhas sejam ejetadas para o espaco externo. As bolhas serao o nucleo de um novo corpo astronomico;

Se nao, nao se forme o rodamoinho.

2) Uma bolha agrega mais ingredientes crus e congelados do espaco?

Se sim, continue se dirigindo para dentro do espaco sidereal, agora sob o nome de semente estelar ou planeta;

Se nao, desfaca-se como bolha.

3) O planeta passa perto de uma estrela?

Se sim, caia na sua orbita;

Se nao, continue vagando no espaco ate se desfazer.

4) O nucleo e’ alcancado pela energia da estrela?

Se sim, inicie reacoes nucleares se alimentando das camadas externas de ingredients, ou seja, das camadas geologicas;

Se nao, torne-se uma lua.

5) A reacao nuclear evolue comendo as camadas ate a superficie?

Se sim, a pressao forma os vulcoes que ejetam cometas que caem na espiral galatica rumo ao nucleo;

Se nao, congele-se como uma lua.

6) A reacao nuclear atingiu a ultima camada superficial?

Se sim, colapse-se como uma estrela supernova;

Se nao, congele-se como lua.

7) Esgotaram-se as particulas de energia dentro dos atomos das camadas de nutrientes?

Se sim, desfacao o resto em massa ingrediente para formar novo rodamoinho;

Se nao, torne-se um planeta gigante morto de gas inerte.

A fórmula da Matriz/DNA para sistemas abertos:

1) Repita todos os passos ate F5

2) Queres se eternizar nesta forma de corpo?

Se sim, vas internamente para o nucleo;

Se nao, vas externamente para se relacionar com o exterior desconhecido.

Traducao para o Ingles:

The Matrix/DNA formula as a closed system algorithm (exists only at atomic and astronomical scales):
F1) Are there are raw ingredients in space, in the form of mass and energy, and swirling due rotation of space?
If so, form a whirlpool mixing raw ingredients and cooking them until bubbles are ejected to the external space. The bubbles will be the core of a new astronomical body;
If not, don’t form the whirlpool.
2) The bubble adds more raw and frozen ingredients in the space?
If yes, continue heading into the sidereal space, now under the names of “star-seed” inside a “planet”;
If not, be undone as a bubble.
3) The planet passes close to a star?
If yes, get in their orbits;
If not, continue wandering in space to unravel.
4) The nucleus is reached by the star’s energy?
If yes, start nuclear reactions feeding on the outer layers of ingredients, i.e. the geological layers. Go to F6;
If not, become a moon.
5) Is the nuclear reaction evolving and eating the layers to the surface?
If yes, the pressure form the volcanos ejecting comets (carrying on active nuclear reactions for to activate the whirlpool) and  falling internally on the galactic’s spiral towards the core. Go to F1;
If not, freeze like a moon.
6) The nuclear reaction reached the final surface layer?
If yes, self-collapsing becoming a star supernova;
If not, freeze like moon.
7) Were sold out the energy particles within the atoms of the nutrients’ layers?
If yes, self-dissolves into fragmented in ingredient mass to form new whirlpool, and self recycles yours body.
If not, become a giant dead planet of inert gas.

The Matrix/DNA formula for open systems:

1) Being yourself an electromagnetic structure, or atomic, or astronomic, or biological, repeat all steps to F5;

2) Do you want to perpetuate this form of body/life’s cycle/closed system?
If Yes, go internally to the nucleus and repeat his eternal cycle;
If not, go externally to relate to the outer unknown.
Note: for example, if you’re a man, and married, drive all your F5 for a single and same woman, reproducing only a unique type of DNA. If you’re a man, and celibate, drive your F5 to the largest quantity of different women, producing diverse kinds of DNA. Other example: drive yours behaviors to be an extreme nationalist or to be opened to globalization. Or other: as a bird in Galapagos, keep yourself in Galapagos eternally or immigrates to the next island for to be found by Darwin as mutated and naturally selected.

Incrível! Existe um Desconhecido Sistema Circulatório no Corpo Humano, e Ninguem Sabia Até Agora?! E envolvido no Cancer, Obesidade?!

quarta-feira, agosto 6th, 2014

Lendo agora êste longo “scientific paper”, em formato de pdf, para depois retornar aqui com minhas conclusões baseadas na fórmula da Matrix/DNA. Se isto for verdade, é revolucionario…, e vai bater com as previsões feitas pela Matrix/DNA há 30 anos atrás!Mas o mais importante é que se me fornecerem os traços deste complexo circulatório, posso monta-los e obter o sistema, baseado na fórmula da Matrix. Isto tudo em busca da eliminação de uma vez por todas destas mortais doenças que assolam a Humanidade.

Bonghan Circulatory System as an Extension of Acupuncture Meridians ( em pdf)

Mas… como sempre, ao mesmo tempo que se lê uma tese, é preciso ouvir a oposição, como este post dos céticos ( e ver os links sugeridos no post):

Not a lot out there on this, but given that the research originated in North Korea in the 1960s, its conceivable that it was ignored in the west and warrants further study.  There do seem to be other researchers that have made some headway to establishing that the structures observed exist and are not part of the lymph or blood systems.
That said, even if it were established that a third circulatory system exists, its probably a huge stretch to say that it corresponds acupuncture meridians.  First, it doesn’t look like there has been enough study to demonstrate that  this supposed system can be found throughout the entire body.  Second, we’re talking about structures that have to be dyed with a very  specific type of dye just to be discernible from surrounding tissue, and structures that are so small, they required modern tech to uncover. Third, I would think you could make the case that any system within the body ties in with  acupuncture meridians; blood, lymph or the nervous system (or can be made to tie in given the sheer number of differing meridian maps from the various “schools” of crapupuncture).


Primo-vascular system

The primo-vascular system (PVS) is a key component of the circulatory system, alongside blood vessels and lymph vessels. It is distributed throughout the entire body and is mostly made up of primo-vessels (PV) and primo-nodes (PN).[2]

Superficial primo-vessels, also known as Bonghan ducts and Bonghan channels,[3] were first reported in 1962 by the North Korean scientist Kim Bong-han. However, it was not until the late 2010s that other researchers confirmed Kim’s earlier findings.[4]


Sistemas Naturais e o Estudo de Seus tipos de Colapso: Colapso ou Fluxo de Ordem da Atual Biosfera?

sábado, janeiro 11th, 2014

Este assunto é baseado no artigo com link abaixo e muito importante pois informa o conhecimento acadêmico sobre os processos de colapsos, os quais servem para serem comparados com o processo de colapso revelado pela formula da Matrix/DNA para sistemas naturais. ( Obs. – No secção de comentários que segue o artigo há um comentário postado pela Matrix/DNA, transcrito abaixo).


posted by Michael Thomas 

Collapse - Exposing The Truth

Collapse – Exposing The Truth

Comentario da Matrix/DNA postado no artigo:



My theoretical models at Matrix/DNA Theory are suggesting a different destiny other than collapse of this biosphere. They are suggesting transformations from a chaotic state towards a ordered state. First, few things about biosphere and collapses.

This biosphere was produced by a perfect machine described by Newtonian mechanics: this Solar System. But this biosphere never got the state of order seen in the Solar clock. It is enough living a time in any jungle for to learn that the rule, the natural process, is savagery, chaos. Above the solar system there is the galaxy, a not such ordered state, since we see supernova explosions, cannibals black holes etc. It seems that order produces chaos which produces order and so on. From chaos lift the flow of order, slowly, and Humanity seems to be the carrier for to install the final order. We are going to the “Brave New World”, under the ” Big Brother (I think in the Big Mother or Queen), like went the bees and ants social systems. Everything that moves out of the systemic ordered circuit, is extinct, only what fits in an harmonic garden will survive in the human new paradise at Earth surface.

How do you define the word ” collapse” when applied to biosphere? Is it a big structure that will fail down, as any dictionary definition? If so, it is a kind of internal collapse, but it does not apply to opened systems as the biosphere. Economics collapses are not collapses that ” fails down”, since that it produces an economic transformation. Collapses that makes structures fail down are those that happens with stationary buildings, not living systems like the biosphere. There is no extinction above evolution because evolution still is happening to the first living system – a unique cell system – since that the modern final product – humanity – is more complex, than, still a carrier of biospheric evolution.

Our big problem is not the collapse of a chaotic biosphere and its transformation into a ordered biosphere. The problem is the machine. The ordered state. The Brave New World will be the prison for this new baby-system that is being developed inside our heads – the mind, or consciousness – since that as merely pieces of the new shape of this biosphere each human being loose its own identity, and it will be the paradise of stupidity. The properties of consciousness are not seen in the solar or galactic systems, then, its informations are coming from above them, somewhere in the vast Universe or beyond. Our biggest problem is that – although this new baby needs the accommodation of our bodies inside an ordered system working as a productive machine – we need find ways for keeping the baby outside the new order, free for flying towards its own, far away and unknown source. Human intelligence will make humans survivors, our problem now is how to avoid the robotization of our minds. By the way, I am grateful to yours efforts studying natural systems, there are lots of insights about systems in yours article, and I think that the freedom of minds comes from their expansion, which can be reached when we make efforts to see the world as system, better than the reductionist method. Thanks