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Fractals, Mandelbrot: Developing the Idea of Matrix/DNA as the Universal Fractal

sexta-feira, setembro 16th, 2011

The spetacular art-work of (see The Scale of the Universe) has a chapter about Mandelbrot Fractals. If we could unifying the world vision of Matrix/DNA with the tecnical knowledge and resources these people has we could doing wonderful work. See the link:

And my comments sent to them:

from: Louis C. Morelli

Hey, about Mandelbrot fractals.

With matemathics Mandelbroth got not only a source for art but arrived next to the fundamental secret of nature. The natural fractal will be, when discovered, an unimaginable richest source for videos like yours. I would appreciate if you analysing my suggestion about the natural fractal. I made a model of it (it is in my website “The Universal Matrix/DNA of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles” – google it).

The core idea is: Nature has used since the Big Bang a kind of formula for doing matter and organizing it into systems. This formula is a single diagram of software which is replicated as material hardware, then, we have from atoms to galaxies to cells and human bodies, all based in this “fractal”. The difference is that here we are dealing with a living world under evolution and not mechanical like the production of Mandelbrolt fractal. The formula itself is under evolution and began as quantum vortexes – the shape I made is the phase as astronomical building block. I have no idea how to translate this formula into matemathical algoritms for computer simulations, but, maybe you will be able to do it. As I said in my homepage, feel free for using anything, because your job is benefic to Humanity.

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Fractals:Google Permite a Você Explorar o Mundo dos Fractais!

quarta-feira, fevereiro 2nd, 2011

Fica registrado êste artigo para voltar a êle com mais calma. ‘parece muito promissor se for facil usar a ferramenta como “generator”. Basta você imaginar uma imagem ou forma simples e talvez crie imagens fantasticas como Mandelbrot fêz.

Para a Teoria da Matriz/DNA isto é muito promissor pois a fórmula da Matriz é o fractal universal sôbre o qual todos os sistemas naturais estão montados. Como não tenho tempo e os recursos necessários na selva, se alguem aí experimentar por a formula-software da Matriz (desenho a seguir) e outras de nossas imagens no exercicio e nos enviar o resultado, fico grato. 


17:52 2 February 2011

Google lets you explore the world of fractals

17:52 2 February 2011

Jacob Aron, technology reporter

Google has previously mapped the Earth, Moon and Mars, but it’s now turned its cartography skills to the mathematical world of fractals. Julia Map allows fractalnauts to explore the infinite beauty of the famous Mandelbrot set and the more general Julia sets.

Fractal generators have always been a popular way to push computers to their limits, but modern hardware and software is now powerful enough to render them in-browser. Julia Map relies on the new HTML5 standard in combination with Web Workers, a piece of software that lets web applications take full advantage of the multi-core processors within newer computers.

All this technology makes it possible to perform the hardcore number-crunching required for drawing fractals. These mathematical figures are generated by repeatedly solving equations, feeding in each output as a new input in order to calculate the intricate and self-similar fractal detail.

Google’s use of its Maps interface makes it possible to easily share links of your favourite fractal discoveries – here’s a particularly dramatic section of the Mandelbrot. Why not find your own special fractal view and share it in the comments?



Matriz Natural Software de Sistema Fechado